EPT Prague: Destruction and devastation

A crazy few hands has accounted for four players in quick succession. Just as Joris Jaspers was spotted heading to the rail, elimination details unknown, there were three other all ins. Haward Speer went out, see below, as did Sander De Vries and Nikolaos Panopoulos.

De Vries got it in with Kd-6d versus Ludovic Lacay's 10h-10s but the flop only favoured the Frenchman. It was 8s-9s-2s and the non-spade king failed to appear through turn and river. Goodbye De Vries. And on another table Jakob Eberg was filling a flush with his A-K, which put paid to Panopoulos's 6-4, even after the Greek player had flopped a six.

The man on a charge this afternoon is Salvatore Bonavena, who began with just 36,000 but double up twice through Sebastian Ruthenberg and has now just done so again, eliminating Brian Jenson in the process.

_MG_9302_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Salvatore Bonavena

Bonavena had J-J, Jensen had A-10 and after a jack flopped, there was no way back. Bonavena must now be among the chip leaders, something we will confirm as soon as is humanly possible amid this carnage.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour