EPT Prague: Double bust out and a double up

Within two minutes of the return from the break, two players have busted. They are Igor Rejdovjan, whose Q-Q lost to Francesco Cirianni's A-K all in pre-flop. The king flopped and there was no queen in sight.

Then on the feature table, Juan Maceiras got it all in on a board of Qc-5s-9s with 6s-8s. He had a flush and a straight draw, but Nasr El Nasr had top pair with his A-Q. The turn gave no help to Maceiras - it was the 5h - and the river ended it. It was Qd. Two down.

And now a double up: It was looking mighty bleak, and mighty unlucky, for Salvatore Bonavena who was all in pre-flop with K-K and ran into Nasr El Nasr's A-A. But how fortunes can fluctuate: The flop brought a king to send the Italian rail wild and leave El Nasr's stack sliced back down to size. Bonavena doubled up to more than 500,000

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour