EPT Prague: Down by the river

One of the volatile players of day one was London player Lukas Schwartz, up at one stage, down the next, who arrived today in command of a stack worth nearly 70,000. He’s now down to about 40,000 though after a dead end hand against Rifat Palevic from Sweden.

The tension was ratcheted up with the board already showing 8h-7h-6d-Qd. Schwartz was waiting for a response from Palevic to his 9,000 bet. The Swede called to see an Ah on the river. Now both players, separated only by an empty seat, turned side on to each other, ready to duel. Then did nothing.

Eventually the action was checked to Palevic who went through a long and elaborate process of counting, re-arranging and sub-dividing his stack, before finishing with a flourish and bet of around 20,000. The move represented the flush, which didn’t make Schwartz any happier.

“Where are you from?” he asked, trying to get a word, to get anything, out of his iron faced opponent who did nothing more than raise his eyebrows. Schwartz talked through various scenarios, judging his best option. This was a big pot but a call and a defeat would leave him with only a handful of chips. It was too much.

“I folded ace-jack” said Schwartz.

“Good fold.”

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in European Poker Tour