EPT Prague: Faces in the crowd

After five seasons you don’t have to go far along the aisles of day 1, to find an EPT winner or someone who has come close. EPT Prague is proving no exception with a cast on one row of tables alone featuring Trond Eidsvig, Michael Martin, Albert Iversen, Gino Alacqua, Theo Jorgensen, Jan Sjavik and Arnaud Mattern.

No, not Arnaud Mattern.

If we have a double winner in Prague it won’t be defending champion Mattern. The Frenchman got involved in a pot worth 21,000, all-in on the turn and looking good with a flush draw and over cards. His opponent had a flush draw, albeit in a different suit, but in the end neither player made his flush, the river card matching one that Mattern couldn’t afford to see.

_MG_7277_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Last year's EPT Prague winner Arnaud Mattern

Iversen is another looking at a gradual decline today, the Budapest finalist missing out on a pot with LAPT Punta del Este winner Jose Espinar, a king high flush forcing Iversen to muck his hand with a knowing nod before resuming with less than 3,000.

We’re approaching the end of level three. Level four blinds will increase to 75-150.