EPT Prague: From four tables to one

Dawn is breaking on day three of the EPT Prague. Of course we mean a poker dawn, which by loose definition means around noon. Yesterday’s eight and a bit hours of play shaped what looks likely to be a tense day three, featuring players with titles, credentials and EPT previous, as well as a few new faces looking for a first spot in the history books.

Last night it was Finnish player Fredrik Nygaard who left with an easy smile across his face, topping the chip list on 609,500, some 95,000 ahead of second place Ludovic Lacay.

Lacay may be setting out today with a flash of revenge in his eye following his abrupt aces cracked exit from the final table at EPT Warsaw two weeks ago. Armed with 513,000 the Frenchman certainly stands out as a likely candidate to make it two final tables in a row.

Today will prove a test of intestinal fortitude for PokerStars sponsored player Juan Maceiras. The Spaniard was blazing a trail across the sky for much of last night, but the contrails in his wake began to wobble before the close when he lost a chunk of chips (is 200,000 chips more like a wodge?) to Fredrik Nygaard. The best players can put that behind them and rebuild. Maceiras could be that player.

Other notables include the Lazarus figure of PokerStars qualifier John Riley. From New Mexico, Riley won his seat on PokerStars and was a minnow at the start of day two, returning with a meagre stack of 10,900 before he lit the touch paper and emerged from the smoke 100 grand to the good. That saw him into the money and ultimately into day three, where he starts with 124,000.

And what do you know, that old chestnut we like to bandy around – the prospect of a first double EPT winner - is still alive, thanks to the mighty hands of EPT Barcelona winner and PokerStars ShootingStar Sebastian Ruthenberg. Like Maceiras, the German suffered some big hits yesterday, reducing him to pittance at times, but he rallied well to finish the day on 178,500.

There are other stories in there that we’ll no doubt catch up with as the day progresses, but for now it's a story of 32 players remaining, playing through to a final table of eight. Sometimes that doesn’t take long, other times it’s an endurance slog through the night. Either way, by clever use of the PokerStars blog and EPT live you won’t miss a thing. EPT live will bring live coverage from start to finish and in languages you never knew existed. And for latest results as play progresses you can check out our prizes page for all the payouts. You can also check our chip counts page for all the scores.

That just about covers it. The stage is set, literally, in TV form, which from our gantry position sparkles with all the tricks of the trade, ready to beam the next however many hours across the universe. Stand by. Here’s how they line up...

Table 1 (feature table)
Brian Jensen, Denmark, 74,800
Juan Maceiras, Spain, PokerStars sponsored player, 266,500
John Riley, USA, PokerStars qualifier, 124,000
Dan Pedersen, Denmark, 260,000
Raul Mestre, Spain, 247,000
Manuel Bevand, France, 248,500
Sebastian Ruthenberg, Germany, ShootingStar, 178,500
Salvatore Bonavena, Italy, 36,500

Table 2
Haward Speer, Germany, 46,000
Jens Glud Hansen, Denmark, 62,500
Andrew Alan Chen, Canada, 222,500
Igor Rejdovjan, Slovakia, 64,000
Roy Von Der Locht, Germany, 112,500
Nikolaos Panopoulos, Greece, 187,000
Jakob Eberg, Sweden, 149,000
Daniel Biro, Hungary, 65,000

Table 3
Francesco Cirianni, Italy, 52,000
Alexiou Konstantinos, Greece, 267,000
Shander De Vries, Holland, PokerStars qualifier, 152,000
Alexander Andermatt, Switzerland, 172,500
Ludovic Lacay, France, 513,000
Phulippe Bara Carlier, Belgium, 113,000
Petr Samcenko, Czech Rep, 56,000
Massimo Di Cicco, Italy, PokerStars qualifier, 87,000

Table 4
Jonathan Duhamel, Canada, 253,500
Daniel Drescher, Germany, PokerStars player, 224,000
Georgios Gatselos, Greece, 54,500
Rifat Palevic, Sweden, 368,000
Joris Jaspers, Holland, PokerStars qualifier, 176,500
Nasr El Nasr, Germany, 104,500
Fredrik Nygard, Finland, 609,500
Domenico Iannonne, Italy, 197,500

And here's how the video bloggers set up day three:

Watch EPT Prague S5: Introduction into Day 3 on PokerStars.tv

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in European Poker Tour