EPT Prague: Lacay leads

A massive hand for Ludovic Lacay gives the Frenchman the probable chip lead. He flopped a flush with 10d-9d -- in fact, it was an open-ended straight flush draw with the board showing Jd-8d-3d. He managed to get Pavel Blatny, holding A-J, to part with all his sizeable stack, and the flush was good. Very good. It was the biggest pot of the tournament so far, and Lacay, who final tabled in Warsaw last month, is looking very strong again here.

Not so Juan Manuel Pastor, who has just bust in bizarre circumstances. He moved all in and thought he heard a call from Raul Mestre. Mestre hadn't actually called, but was in fact asking for a count. But before this was cleared up, Pastor had shown his hand. It was A-K. The tournament director Thomas Kremser ruled that Pastor's action was accidental, so he wouldn't be penalised, and Mestre still had the option to either call or fold.

Mestre calculated and decided to call, even though he only had 5-2. But when the two came on the flop, Pastor was out.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour