EPT Prague: Ladies and gentlemen, would you please welcome...

You think you’ve got away with it; you’ve watched and worked out how each man at your table plays and think you’ve got the best of it, and the chips in the vacant seat two, well they’re easy pickings. Then Gus Hansen turns up, captaining what’s left of that stack. Suddenly this has become a more foreboding place.

Few players can ensure this kind of glitch in the Matrix; Minieri, Ivey and Negreanu would be among the few, but each brings with them an atmosphere of expectation, like Sinatra would walking into a Karaoke bar.

A dozen cameras arrived as Hansen did, waiting to see what pillaging the Dane will do with his surviving 7,000. Perhaps an early indicator was his first hand; a pre-flop raise called once but not twice on a Kd-4d-6s flop.
Hansen is in the building and there are about 40 eye witnesses to his every move.