EPT Prague: Lodden shakes into action

The patented PokerStars Lodden-o-Meter™ has been dusted down for day two in Prague, and has already come a-quivering into action. For those who missed the introduction to this piece of kit, it's an impressive chunk of machinery designed specifically to record the major fluctuations in chip stack of the Norwegian pro. It's something like a cross between a seismograph and a polygraph, and is the only thing capable of plotting the continual up and down motion, often in jagged spikes, of this action player's stack.


Early on, it started whirring when Lodden found himself all in with A-9 against A-7, but when the board paired twice, they chopped up the pot, and there was no major movement. But after his table was broken, Lodden ended up on the same table as Joao Barbosa, the EPT Warsaw champion, and Jose Luis Valero, who had a decent stack overnight. Lodden decided to get busy, and peeked down at one card: it was an ace, good for a raise.

He made it 2,200 to go and Barbosa and Valero both called. The flop came J-2-2 and Lodden continuation bet 4,800, which was also called in two spots. The turn was an off-suit three.

Lodden said later that he felt inclined to check in the dark at this spot, but then figured he might as well look at his other card. It was a glorious deuce. Now sitting with trip twos, top kicker, Lodden bet 8,000, leaving himself just 6,000 behind. Barbosa folded, but Valero looked interested, especially when Lodden said: "If you push, I'm probably going to have to fold."

The speech play prompted an insta-push from Valero, Lodden called and showed his winner. Valero's kings were toast, and the Lodden-o-Meter™ registered a factor four quake, ending with 55,000 in front of the Norwegian.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour