EPT Prague: Mashed Swede

We've lost another one, and it's the final Swedish player in the tournament. Previously such a dominant force on the EPT, Rifat Palevic's elimination in 15th place means the Prague title won't be heading back to Stockholm, or anywhere near it, this year.

Palevic and Nasr El Nasr got it all in pre-flop with the classic hold 'em heads up coup: A-K (Palevic) and Q-Q (El Nasr). This time the pocket pair was good as the board ran out dry, and Palevic's day is done. He takes €16,600 for 15th place, and everyone remaining is now guaranteed at least €22,100. Remember, we play to a final table of eight tonight.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour