EPT Prague: Nice hand, good fold

The task at hand is first to make it to the money, still some 41 eliminations away, and then to get as deep as possible, with the ultimate aim a place on the televised final table. It sounds simple bashed out on the keyboard, in the reality looks a lot different. In the three levels played today the “oomph” sound of defeat has rattled the tournament room about the same number of times a sudden yelp of relief has. There’s a lot at stake - some players can’t help themselves.

Martin Jacobsen just proved himself to be a man of great restraint. On a board of Qd-7s-6s-Jc he was faced with a decision whether or not to call an all-in, with 60,000 sitting in the pot already. The clock was called and with three seconds left he announced call. Good as far as drama was concerned, bad as far as his stack would look. He turned over ace-king only to see his opponent show two sixes.

Jacobsen managed a “nice hand”, an achievement itself at a time when others would be punching stuff. He’s left with 30,000.

Elsewhere there was drama on Petter Pettersson’s table where the Swede had moved all-in for 80,000, another 30,000 was already in the pot.

Standing, looking at the flop of Jh-5h-Tc and wondering whether or not to call was Tome Moreira; the Portuguese would be all-in if he called but stood to win over 100,000 if successful.

“Will you show?” he asked Petterssen, who simply nodded. Moreira mucked.

“Good fold” said Pettersson, showing his own Qc-9c.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in European Poker Tour