EPT Prague: No apologies, it's another post about Dario Minieri

Dario Minieri is inarguably the main attraction here in Prague. Every 10 minutes or so, the tournament officials are forced to make an announcement requesting spectators to stay behind the ropes and not crowd the tables. They're referring specifically to one table, where the Team PokerStars Pro sits at the centre of a four-deep throng.

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Of course, Minieri himself doesn't seem to care at all. He's still buoyantly engaging the entire table in conversation, and bullishly entering just about every pot. The Swedish player, Rifat Palevic, is sitting to Minieri's left and the two of them have been scrapping all day. Palevic even claims to have bluffed Minieri out of a decent pot earlier on, and he certainly has a decent sized stack to back up the claims.

"You're just too good," Minieri said to Palevic as they went heads-up in a recent pot. "You've got too many chips; you're just too good. I'm not going to be bluffing at you."

This speech play came as Palevic was considering a call of 17,500 looking at a board of 8d-9d-4c-3s-3d. It was an unraised pot pre-flop, but Minieri had bet every post-flop street: 5,500 on the flop, 17,500 on the turn. Palevic was eventually goaded into calling on the river too, and was shown K-9c by Minieri, for two pair, nines and threes. It was good.

"I was pretty sure I had the best hand," Minieri said, stacking up something like 130,000.

There are 63 players left and we've just entered level 14. Six more need to depart and then we're on the bubble.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour