EPT Prague: On the way to eight

Francesco Cirianni made the easiest decision of the tournament, calling the all-in of Phulippe Baa Carlier of Belgium, and turning over two red aces. Carlier could only muster As-Jd which would need some help on the board. It didn’t get any, and Carlier became the latest elimination.

Ludovic Lacay just saw off another player at the same table: Alexander Andermatt left in 23rd place. On the TV table Raul Mestre picked up a good sized pot from Dan Pedersen by virtue of the all-in move pre-flop. Pedersen considered it but turned down the opportunity to call for 181,500 more.

Check out the latest chip counts for the current scores.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in European Poker Tour