EPT Prague: Ouch!

Domenico Iannonne just got blasted from this tournament with a brutal outdraw at the hands of the chip-leader Fredrik Nygard. Iannonne had more than 300,000 when they got it all in on a flop of 9h-4h-7h. Nygard was the aggressor, but winced when Iannonne called his all-in shove. Nygard showed A-8, no hearts, and Iannonne showed K-K, no heart either. It was looking very good for Iannonne: the pot had more than 800,000 in it, and he would jump right up among the chip leaders if his kings could hold up, at Nygard's expense.

_MG_9531_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Fredrik Nygard

The problem was the Ah on the turn, which catapulted Nygard into the lead. And although both players prayed for a heart on the river - Iannonne to remain in the tournament; Nygard because he said he felt guilty about the outdraw - it did not emerge.

The Italian is out and the Finn back at the top of the pile, with 1.3million.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour