EPT Prague: Rivers of gold

Four all-ins in quick succession and no doubt who the luckiest man in the world is right now. If he had the chance he might be out buying lottery tickets right now, but Andrew Chen was the beneficiary of two double up in a row after losing most of his stack to seat one player, himself an all in.

On a flop of 6c-2c-9h the money went in, seat one pushing in with Ah-9h, ahead of Chen’s Qs-9s. That cost Chen nearly everything, leaving him with less than 100,000, but then it was his fortune to be painted gold.
All-in on the next hand with Ad-Th, Rifat Palevic called with pocket fives. This was good on a board of 8d-6d-8h-3s but Palevic was out of his seat, pacing up and down to cool off, when a king hit the river.

_MG_9324_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Andrew Chen

The image of kings might be burned into the mind of Chen form this day on. On the next hand Chen moved in with Ah-Kc and was called by Nikolaos Panopoulos, who was covered by the swede, holding pocket tens. The tens were good up to the river, but if you haven’t spotted our signposting yet, the king hit the river, the same card bailing out Chen for a second time. Panopoulos could only watch as his chips were counted and it was confirmed he was out, his reprieve was a brief one, eliminated in 21st place.

This followed an earlier hand featuring ShootingStar Sebastian Ruthenberg, all-in with A-8 against the A-9 of Jonathan Duhamel. Ruthenberg described himself as a “luckbox” following his EPT Barcelona win and demonstrated a flash of it here with the board running out As-4s-Jd-Kh-Qs, for a split pot.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in European Poker Tour