EPT Prague: Ruthenberg first to double up

Down to nine players on a single table, and Sebastian Ruthenberg is the first of the short stacks to double up. He flops two pair with Q-9 and gets it all in, leaving Alexiou Konstantinos fearing he's behind but forced to call. The Greek player was drawing dead by the turn and Ruthenberg, the EPT Barcelona champion, edges closer to his second final table in one season.

The chip counts for the final nine are on the chip count page. Or below, if you don't fancy that one extra click:

Salvatore Bonavena - 1,426,000
Alexiou Konstantinos - 1,300,000
Fredrik Nygard - 1,246,000
Francesco Cirianni - 449,000
Raul Mestre - 390,000
Andrew Chen - 267,000
Massimo Di Cicco - 240,000
Sebastian Ruthenberg - 187,000
Nasr El Nasr - 179,000

Note: Counts taken before Ruthenberg's double up.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour