EPT Prague: Shooting star

They're quickly closing in on the bubble, with only 59 players now remaining. For some, this is all about survival with the short stack, hoping to edge into the cash at the minimum possible risk; for others, this is all about well-armed bullying, plundering the dead money on offer.

The PokerStars.de Shooting Star Sebastian Ruthenberg has been this deep in countless tournaments and is fast becoming one of the surest bets to get into the money.

_MG_8740_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Sebastian Ruthenberg

The champion in Barcelona earlier this season, Ruthenberg has four other EPT cashes, as well as a World Series bracelet, and he also had too many chips for Paulo Grossi to get involved with him moments ago. Grossi raised to 8,100 from the button, Ruthenberg shoved another 30,000 or so in from the small blind, which had Grossi covered, and the Italian folded.

The big stacks at this point include the following:

Juan Maceiras 195,000
Joris Jaspers 220,000
Daniel Drescher 170,000
Dan Pedersen 250,000
Manuel Bevand 220,000
Raul Mestre 200,000

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour