EPT Prague: Table captains

Players' seats are drawn entirely at random, and when tables break their new seat assignment is also decided by the luck of the draw. And so there's nothing sinister about the fact that Dario Minieri's table seems to have about half the chips in play from the entire tournament. It just happened to work out that way.

At the end of level 10, about 45 minutes ago, the official chip count showed the Greek player Constandinos Alexiou at the chip summit, with close to 200,000. He is in seat three of Minieri's table and is still floating along quite nicely on roughly the same mark. Amazingly, though, he is not the table captain: that honour goes to Raul Mestre, the Spanish player, who has about 210,000. Mestre is furiously writing notes on every hand played at the table - whether he's involved or not - and will quickly be running out of paper.

Most recently, Mestre took a pot from Minieri. There was a sizeable-ish scattering of chips in the middle by the time I arrived, and they were already at the turn. The board showed Jh-3h-Qd-6d and Mestre bet 6,000. Minieri called. The river was Kd and both players checked. Minieri insisted that Mestre show his hand first, and the Spaniard flipped Ks-10s for a rivered pair of kings. "Nice hand," said Minieri, and mucked.

We have just entered level 12, and 94 players remain. The plan is to play down to 32 tonight, which will take us through the bubble of 56 players.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour