EPT Prague: The action table

A shift in fortunes and it’s Sebastian Ruthenberg making the all-in move behind a bet of 40,000 by PokerStars sponsored player Juan Maceiras. It was 134,500 total which Maceiras considered but passed on after some time in the tank.

_MG_9217_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Sebastian Ruthenberg

If the TV people were looking for action from the feature table they’re getting it, and all in glorious colour. A few moments later another all-in, this time by Brian Jensen, pushing for 66,000. Salvatore Bonavena, now the beneficiary of two double ups that are making his life a little easier, had the decision, ultimately passing.

Then PokerStars qualifier John Riley, who you can’t help rooting for after hearing how he won his way to Prague, pushed his stack of 109,000 into the middle. It was folded back round to Juan Maceiras on Riley’s right who made hints at calling, making Riley scrunch up his face in monetary panic, but the Spaniard passed for an easy walk for the American.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in European Poker Tour