EPT Prague: The Juan and only Maceiras

“This is the second time you’ve tried to bluff me! I’m all-in!”

PokerStars sponsored player Juan Maceiras knows how to entertain the rail. The seat seven player had raised Maceiras for a second time and the Spaniard wanted to put a stop to it, moving all-in. He felt happy for himself until the seat one player looked interested.

“Hey,” said Maceiras to his potential assassin, the rest of the table laughing, “wait, this is not your war...” The seat one player wasn’t put off. “I’m a funny guy” added Maceiras “you want to be sitting with me for two more days.”

Maceiras was standing, nervous after sitting for several hours in a comfort position - his belt was undone. He quickly fastened it, announcing that now he was ready for pictures. There would be a few taken - the seat one player called.

“Wow.” Said Maceiras, turning to the original raiser. “Now I want you to call, I don’t care now.”

He didn’t, but that still left the showdown, the Spaniard turning over Ac-Kc to his opponent’s A-Q. Fortune shone on Maceiras who hit a king on the flop. The queen on the turn was just for a bit of drama – Maceiras had doubled up.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in European Poker Tour