EPT Prague: The life of Riley

The undisputed success story of the day so far is the PokerStars qualifier John Riley. He's top of the list to have a chat to, not only because he's made the long trip to the Czech Republic from the United States, after winning his seat online, but also now because he's turned his overnight stack of 10,900 into 125,000.

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PokerStars qualifier John Riley

Our Hungarian blogger was railing Daniel Biro, the Hungarian PokerStars qualifier doing well in Prague, who happened to be sharing a table with Riley, and watched as it was the American who came out on top. Riley's first double up came with A-J versus Biro's K-10, all in pre-flop; then Riley doubled up again with A-Q, outdrawing Biro's A-K.

That put Riley up to about 45,000, and he then found his own A-K. That was good enough to get it all in pre-flop once more, against pocket jacks, and when a jack flopped, it looked like Riley's ride was over. But a 10-J on the flop and a queen on the river gave him the straight and another massive pot. Then his pocket nines stood up against K-J and Riley became one of the chip leaders.

Also up there is the PokerStars qualifier and EPT favourite Joris Jaspers, who has more than 120,000. Oh, and Johnny Lodden lost a big pot, to go down to around 30,000, but then doubled up two hands later and is back with about 60,000.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour