EPT Prague: The Nordic charge (and an Italian)

The most recent level has been the one where we slipped into top gear. Until now, this seems to have been a much slower day than yesterday, but they found the accelerator pedal in the past hour or so and there have been huge movements at the top of the chip ladder, and plenty of players drifting out the door.

Emerging at the top of leaderboard is Christer Johansson, without question one of the most popular players on the tour, and with a career record to make most envious. He recently rocketed to north of 80,000 in chips, but was coy as to where they all came from. "He keeps flopping sets," said his table-mate Juha Helppi. "He flops so many, he forgets."

_MG_8406_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Christer Johansson

Johansson's fellow Swede Petter Pettersson also scaled those kind of heights within the past hour, getting way over 60,000. He's moved tables a couple of times since then, and appears to have spewed a few chips on his journey, and seems to be back now among the pack.

Completing the Nordic dominance of the upper echelons, Fredrik Nygard still has 65,000-odd and is right up there. He's from Finland, but it has long been established that there's something in the poker air up there.

Stop press: It seems it's true that Pettersson has lost a lot of chips, and Alexio Isaia, who is sitting on Pettersson's new table, has more than 75,000. There's no official confirmation that these two facts are linked, but two and two do occasionally add up.

Prague hasn't been so kind to Alex Fitzgerald, Jan Boubli, Nicolas Levi, William Fry, Marc Goodwin, Michael Keiner, Ramzi Jelassi, Bn Grundy, Florian Langmann and Nico Behling. They're all now out.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour