EPT Prague: The Spanish charge

The Minieri-shaped hole on table eight has had the effect of sucking many of the railbirds away from the main tournament. Some are now playing in the €2,000 side event, while others have gone of in search of anything that might come close to the action provided by the dynamic Italian. Base-jumping, or something.

Minieri's vanquisher, Raul Mestre, now sits behind about 365,000 in chips, but is not the chip leader. That is almost certainly now an accolade belonging to Juan Maceires, who has more than 450,000. Maceires is on the same table as Ludovic Lacay, who has taken something of a hit but is still comfortable with more than 200,000. Looking slightly less perky on the same table is Johnny Lodden, whose roller-coaster may be on its final dive. The Norwegian has only 22,000, although that might easily be 100,000 by the time I finish writing this.

The prizewinners are listed over at the prizewinners page. We'll do our best to bring the latest chip counts here, or on the chip-counts page.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour