EPT Prague: Three clangers dropped in succession

Carnage in the middle of level seven with three big names sent packing in quick succession, changing the look of day 1a. First it was Gus Hansen, taking with him the hoards of spectators crowding his table.

Then it was fellow Dane Theo Jorgensen who was clobbered and out at almost exactly the same time as Trond Eidsvig who lost a traditional pre-flop all-in with A-J against A-K. With that three big names had departed.

There are many left though, with PokerStars sponsored player Johnny Lodden, and Shooting Stars Sebastian Ruthenberg, acting like a cat among pigeons up to 63,000; whilst fellow Shooting Stars Johannes Strassmann fights as one of the pigeons on a meagre 8,500.

_MG_7383_Neil Stoddart.jpg
PokerStars Shooting Star Johannes Strassmann

For more chip counts, and an explanation as to why our Hungarian blogger is getting excited about a certain Biro, check out the updated chip count page.

You can also get the latest interview from the video blog team who caught up with Enlgish PokerStars qualifier Phil Hepburn who played today...

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Stop press: Johannes Strassmann is out, his battle against short stack syndrome, lost, in an A-J v. A-K scenario.