EPT Prague: Trouble for some

Gino Alacqua has fond memories of the EPT Prague thanks to an extraordinary performances here twelve months ago, a runner-up spot to Arnaud Mattern that earned him €407,300. Since then more success has followed, with cashes in Copenhagen and a second final table a few weeks ago at the EPT Budapest.

That third final table remains a possibility but he’d admit his chances just took a knock, all-in with pocket Kings against A-T. The middle card on the flop matched the ace; the turn card matched the ten, sending Alacqua’s stack to well below average. Still he’s pulled off great escapes before.

At the same table is PokerStars sponsored player Johnny Lodden. When Lodden loses he tends to lose with an expression on his face that says no matter, it was all a joke in the first place.

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PokerStars sponsored player Johnny Lodden

On a flop of 7s-7h-8d the small blind player Jakob Eberg had made it 3,800. Lodden had upped the stakes, re-raising to 11,000 which Eberg called.

On the Ts turn 1008 checked to Lodden who announced “17,000”. As if they were following a script Eberg replied “I call”. The river, a 2h, and now neither player was interested in betting more. Both checked for a showdown.

“Two pair” said Lodden before Eberg showed his Ks-7d. Lodden mucked.

“You had ace-eight?” asked Eberg.

“Something like that” replied Lodden, down to 45,000. He’d lose a few more thousands a few minutes later.
The same went for another PokerStars sponsored player Sebastian Ruthenberg. The EPT Barcelona champion check raised all-in with 9h-6c on a board of 5s-Kh-9d-2d only to be called lightening fast by Tome Moreira holding Kc-Qh. The river brought an ace, doubling up Moreira. The shooting star down to 68,000.

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PokerStars shooting star Sebastian Ruthenberg
Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in European Poker Tour