EPT Prague: Two tables only

Two very speedy eliminations from an outer and then the feature table. First the Slovak player Igor Rejdovjan got busy with his recently doubled-up stack and ousted Jens Hansen. Hansen had 7-8 on a flop of A-8-x. It was no good against Rejdovjan's A-K.

Then Dan Pedersen walked, getting his final 48,000 all in on a board of 8-7-5 holding 9-10. He had good straight possibilites, or so he thought, but Raul Mestre had some of his outs - and the better hand - with 6-6 and the pocket pair held. The damage had been done previously to Pedersen, when his A-Q had been outdrawn by Nasr El Nasr's K-6, all in pre-flop. On that particular coup, a queen on the flop was no good when a king turned.

We are now down to 16 players and a redraw is taking place. One of them will become the new EPT Prague champion, wrestling the crown from Arnaud Mattern, who shared his thoughts with the video blog team earlier:

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Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour