EPT Prague: When Italian eyes are smiling

Another Italian victory dance just took place, paid for by Dominico Iannonne. Unlike other big hands which have seen pre-flop all-ins, this hand developed with some traditional betting and a flop. On a flop of Qh-7s-9c Iannonne bet 55,000 from the small blind which was called by Daniel Biro on the button. The turn card 8s saw Iannonne check and Biro move all-in, another 89,000 in total.

Iannonne, who had at a guess two thirds of Italy a few feet away from him on the rail, looked again at his cards and then his stack, re-arranging it for “what if” purposes. Eventually he counted it out and called, showing As-8s to Biro’s Kc-Ts. Biro was on a draw but the seven on the river helped him none. Cue Italians.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in European Poker Tour