EPT Warsaw: Small-ball poker

Gavin Griffin is the lone flag bearer for Team PokerStars Pro today, and he has started steadily. In one notable hand, he was betting all the way on a flop of 4h-6h-3h, a turn of 4c and a river card 7c. His opponent kept pace all the way through fifth street but ducked out after a few minutes thought allowing Griffin to restore his stack to the original 10,000.

_MG_6747_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Gavin Griffin

Alongside Griffin’s table is a feisty one featuring Ludovic Lacay, Andreas Hagen, Priyan de Mel, Hans Eskilsson and Polish TV presenter Maciej Dowbor. Hagen is an EPT regular who has put in several performances of note, scoring six EPT cashes. The Norwegian tangled in a pot with the player in seat eight, who then turned on Hagen, raising to 2,000. Lacay was also in the pot.

“You always bet 2,000, no matter what?” asked the Frenchman.

The seat eight player, perhaps unaccustomed to cross-examination, did his best to stay calm, just nodding. Lacay got out whilst Hagen called on a board reading Jc-Td-Ac. When Hagen checked the ace on the turn seat eight moved all-in. No 2,000 bet that time, good for the pot though.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in European Poker Tour