EPT Warsaw: Back where they started

It's back to square one for some.

Arnaud Mattern has been maintaining his hopes with a characteristic display of pre-flop betting that by and large was putting off all takers. All but one went his way when a pot of several thousand was taken off hi by ElkY, sending Mattern back to where he started.

Katja Thater and Isabelle Mercier spent day 1b seated at the same table and, after a brief separation this afternoon, have been reunited.

Another all-in was announced on Johnny Lodden’s table. Lodden had raised pre-flop to 2,200 before Gino Alacqua pushed in for 7,500. Two along sat Antony Lellouche on the button who re-raised to 15,000 in total. Now the action was on Jerzy Hajdamowicz in the small blind. A tense few minutes passed with everyone waiting for Hajdamowicz to decide.

th_MG_0610_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Johnny Lodden

Suddenly Hajdamowicz came out of his trance. “Is it on me?” he said, before quickly mucking his cards, good to get everyone laughing. Lodden did the same – laughed and mucked – taking the hand to showdown, whereby Alacqua and Lellouche each showed anticlimactic ace-kings. No drama on the board. Everyone back to where they were before.

Fewer than 70 players remain. That number keeps changing.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in European Poker Tour