EPT Warsaw: Big pots, not necessarily big hands

Two big pots on adjacent tables, one going all the way to showdown, the other stopping short. The first featured the notably aggressive Roland de Wolfe being handed a spoonful of his own medicine by Michael Muheim, the PokerStars qualifier from Switzerland.

Muheim raised pre-flop from the cut-off -- a standard three-times the big blind of 3,000 -- and De Wolfe re-raised from the button, making it about 22,000 with a formidable pile of red chips. Muheim moved all in, about 60,000 more. De Wolfe tanked for a long, long time before folding.

All this was playing out as Ludovic Lacay and Uffe Holm were looking at a board of 8c-7d-6d-3c-10h and significant piles of chips were in front of them. Lacay had moved in, Holm was pondering, but ceased pondering and announced a call. Lacay showed K-9c for a straight and Holm mucked.

More bust-outs are coming, and then a chip count. It's speedy stuff so far.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour