EPT Warsaw: Close calls and near misses

A slight delay on the start of day 1b but cards are now in the air. It almost wasn’t so for several players who, prior to the start, found themselves stuck in one of the hotel elevators. As thoughts turned to them being blinded off whilst a rescue bid was launched, it was suggested that a dealer be winched down to them from the floor above along with a clean deck. But the Hyatt is a superb hotel and within minutes the players were released before they'd even begun a game of chinese and in good time for the start

Some may have found themselves preferring the claustrophobia of the elevator to the cardroom this afternoon with many tables featuring former champions, and those who came close, in good number; each perfectly capable of wrecking a perfectly nice day at the baize.

Roland de Wolfe, fresh in from Holland, is seated at the same table as Nicolas Levi whilst PokerStars shooting star Johannes Strassmann lines up alongside Sorel Mizzi. Elsewhere three former champions clash; Mark Teltscher sits with Pascal Perrault and former EPT Warsaw winner Peter Jepson.

Another shooting star champion Sebastian Ruthenberg sits opposite EPT Player of the Year Luca Pagano, whilst two more Team PokerStars Pros in Katja Thater and Isabelle Mercier will spend the first few level at least, a few seats apart.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in European Poker Tour