EPT Warsaw: Drama in the closing stages

Day two is crawling towards the money, with just two players still to go before we reach the money and draw a close to the day. The dial has been turned up on the action though. First Atanas Gueorguiev doubled up against Patric Martensson, moving in with A-5, against Martenssen’s A-K. The flop brought hope to both, landing as it did 5-3-K. While the seven on the turn did no harm the five on the river struck like a heavyweight, keeping the Bulgarian alive.

Dario Minieri meanwhile continues to prove he may be in a class of his own. In a hand featuring Americo Spinozzi and Joao Barbosa, Minieri called Barbosa’s 5,500 bet on a flop of 5-T-6. Spinozzi excused himself before the five on the turn. Again Barbosa raised, 13,000 now which Minieri called to see a queen on the river. Barbosa was relentless, adding another 27,000. Now Minieri went into the tank.

“Will you show me your hand if I fold?” he asked.

“If you show me your hand I’ll show you mine” replied Barbosa.

It may have been this quick chat, or it may have been something else, but Minieri made the call – a great call, turning over J-T for a pair good enough to beat the 4-7 of Barbosa’s busted straight draw.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in European Poker Tour