EPT Warsaw: Leading the pack

Roland de Wolfe and Mark Teltscher, both British former EPT winners, are seated at opposite ends of table 10. Teltscher raised pre-flop from under-the-gun and De Wolfe bumped it up to 5,950.

"How much you playing?" Teltscher asked. "Roughly."
"Sixty," said De Wolfe.
"Oh, so you lost some chips already," Teltscher offered in return, getting in something of a rub down even as he passed his cards.

De Wolfe was at it again on the next hand. He called pre-flop from one off the button and Fabian Holling, in the small blind, raised it to 1,800. De Wolfe called. The flop was 5h-10h-3d an Holling bet 3,150, which De Wolfe called. Both players checked the 2d turn and Holling also checked the 5c river. De Wolfe asked Holling for a count ("About twenty," piped Teltscher from beside the German) and then bet 5,000. Holling then snapped into action and reraised his tower of reds, about 15,000 worth.

De Wolfe insta-called and Holling insta-mucked before De Wolfe had even shown his hand. De Wolfe, not to mention the rest of the table, wanted to see the German's cards, and the dealer called the floor. Eventually he meekly flipped and showed something clearly inferior to De Wolfe's pocket jacks.

That puts De Wolfe back to the front of the pack, having previously been overtaken by Dario Minieri. Minieri accounted for Johannes Strassmann early on to boost his stack to more than 60,000. Strassmann's Q-Q was no good against Minieri's A-Q once an ace flopped and the Italian Team PokerStars Pro is up and running.

Michael Keiner is also out on an exceptionally busy start to the day. We started level eight with 109 players and about half an hour in, we were already down to 90.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour