EPT Warsaw: No hanging about

It seems nobody is biding their time today. Already more than 20 players have departed and this spate of all-ins continues at pace.

Hungarian PokerStars qualifier Sandor Toth shoved his chips in with Qd-Js hoping for a caller and getting one in PokerStars sponsored player Mika Puro who held Jc-Tc. The flop was kindly to Puro, 2c-8c-Td, giving him top pair and a flush draw which ultimately hit on the turn. A 7c and 8h gave Puro the pot and sent another player to the rail as that table breaks.

Joining him there is PokerStars qualifier Anthony Quinn, pushing in with pocket jacks only to be banished by a flush. Dan Pedersen knows how elimination feels, courtesy of Frenchman Antony Lellouche and Bruno de Bari has gone thanks to Robert Kucharski.

One player close to elimination but hanging on bravely is Nicolas Levi. On his big blind he announced all in. The limper in the hand asked him how much he had left.

“Seriously?” asked Levi before spreading out his chips... “I have 275.”

“That’s probably the first time that’s been asked” said Richard Gryko, before Dino Dinler explained he was colour blind.

He called, doubling Levi up when his K-6 was topped by Levi’s A-5. Levi has a lot of chips now, they’re just not worth all that much.

Just 78 players remain.

Stop press: Make that 77. Nicolas Levi’s fight back is over.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in European Poker Tour