EPT Warsaw: No one is safe

Pity the big stacks. Hot on the heels of Antony Lellouche's elimination, Mark Teltscher has now taken the long walk to the rail. Two hands did it: first he had J-J against Juan Manuel Pastor's A-K and an ace flopped. Then he had A-Q against Julien Lang Van's A-K and the board ran out dry. (Side point: Kevin Macphee ruefully folded seven-deuce once those two got it all in pre-flop, then said "Give it back to me" once he saw their hands. A two flopped, which would have won.)

th_MG_0635_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Mark Teltscher

Patric Martensson also found himself shipping huge mountains of chips moments after he was stacking them. The Swede got himself into the chip lead earlier this afternoon, puching the 170,000 mark. But he became entangled in a huge pre-flop battle with the PokerStars qualifier Sergey Shcherbatskiy and ended up giving the tournament chip lead to the Russian.

Shcherbatskiy had aces against Martensson's A-K and he now has about 220,000 in chips.

The Team PokerStar Pro Isabelle Mercier just doubled up to a comfortable 80,000-odd, thankful to a J-9, a jack-high board and the missed flush draw of Atanas Gueorguiev.

th_MG_0584_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Isabelle Mercier

Mercier is one of 30 left tonight, with our target of 24 players, and the money bubble, looming closer.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour