EPT Warsaw: Red card for Eskilsson

"It's probably going to be the ex-football player," whispered my Hungarian colleague Imre Kallo (whose fine work, incidentally, you can read on the Hungarian blog. Warning: consonants).

Kallo was referring to Hans Eskilsson, a former international soccer player for Sweden, who turned to the poker tables at the end of his sports career and is one cash away from becoming the Swede with the most EPT money finishes. But as the bubble approached, he was one of the short stacks and sure enough, he got it all in soon enough.

On the one hand, he will have liked the two callers giving him triple-up potential. On the other, he'd have known he was miles behind. He had A-9 against Arnaud Mattern's kings and Moises Ramos's A-Q. The board was essentially an irrelevancy since it gave no miracles to Eskilson and his day was done.

As, incidentally, is ours. The clock was ticking towards the end of level 14 as that happened and tournament officials called a halt to proceedings at the moment it ran out. We'll play tomorrow from 24 to our final table of eight.

Full chip counts are on their way, as is a full report from the day.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour