EPT Warsaw: Staying alive

We're one off the bubble and we have been for a good long while. The short stacks continue to double up whenever they're all in, and it doesn't even seem to matter if they have the best hand when the chips go in.

The Bulgarian PokerStars qualifier Atanas Gueorguiev got his chips in pre-flop with A-5 but must have feared the worst when Patric Martensson, to his left, announced he was all in too. All others got out of the way, and Martensson flipped A-K. The flop brought a five and a king, which was fine for Martensson. Until another five rivered giving it to Gueorguiev.

After bluffing off a huge portion of his chips to Dario Minieri (as described below), Joao Barbosa just doubled up again with A-K versus 4-4 all in pre-flop. The board paired his king and also gave him a straight draw. It didn't hit, but it didn't need to. Top pair kings was good.

Mika Puro continues to breathe. His was an A-K versus K-10 clash with the best hand standing up. Still 26 players in level 14, where the blinds are 1,200-2,400 300 ante. The chip leaders are Sergey Shcherbatskiy (220,000), Dario Minieri (180,000) and Roland de Wolfe (140,000).

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour