Step your way to EPT Warsaw and EPT Grand Final

How about this? Let's just say you have an extra $7.50 sitting in your PokerStars account. Or, better yet, let's say you have 500 Frequnt Player Points and nothing to do with them.

Okay, now, let's just imagine you find your way into an EPT Steps tournament. Now, sure, there's a lot of good things that have to happen for this story to get good. But, let's just say those good things come to pass. The next thing you know, we could be writing about you on the PokerStars from Europe.

After the resounding success of the Steps tournaments during the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure and Asia Pacific Poker Tour, PokerStars has just launched a new series of Steps tournaments. Winners of these events can work their way up the ladder and make a final decision. Play for EPT Warsaw and a $11,350 entry or play for the $19,250 package to Monte Carlo. Either way, it could turn out to be one huckava return on your investment.

To learn all about how you can make it to two of Europe's biggest poker events for next to nothing, visit the PokerStars EPT Steps tournament page.

Then, we'll see you in Europe.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in European Poker Tour