EPT London: The race to the exit door

There are days on the European Poker Tour that seem to last so far past midnight that you can walk out of the casino and straight into a bagel and an orange juice. And then there are days that pass in the blink of an eye. Mercifully for the press pack squeezed in serried ranks into the Victoria Casino's staff training room and broom cupboard media centre, this day was a fast one: we went from 154 to 32 before the London bars even closed, and that happens at 11pm.

How it happened is not for the faint-hearted. There was murder out there. Before we had even properly set up our computers the flow of eliminations had started, and a member of the media burst through the door every couple of minutes to announce (in no particular order) that all these had busted before the bubble burst: Ramdin! Akkari! Bellande! Channing! De Wolfe! Fougeron! Kalo! Hansen! Cascarino! Chidwick! Jelassi! Kravchenko! Mercier! Watson! Mouawad! Thew!

We then had to hang around for about an hour as there was an extended period of hand-for-hand play as we went from 58 to the 56 who would be paid. The unlucky man was Hafiz Khan, a runner up to ElkY at the PCA in January, but here splattered with the membrane of the bursting bubble.

That sent us on a dinner break for 45 minutes but when we returned the pace had not slackened one bit. In fact, it sped up to one of the fastest sustained periods of bust outs we've ever seen. There were suck-outs galore, including the departure of the EPT Prague champion Arnaud Mattern, who was sent from hero to zero by his countryman David Benyamine in two massive chunks: Benyamine's 7-8 outdrew A-9 and then 4-4 outdrew Q-Q.

_MG_5715_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Arnaud Mattern

Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso must have had some sympathy for Mattern after her A-K was no match for Max Pescatori's A-J when a jack flopped. That they'd got all their sizeable stacks in pre-flop must have hurt.

_MG_5698_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Vanessa Rousso

That left Vicky Coren and Marcin Horecki to fly the Team PokerStars flag. But Coren's slumped to half-mast just after the bubble burst and then was taken down entirely when she couldn't beat the kings of Anthony Lellouche with her pocket tens. So it is that one of the newest members of the Team - the Polish player Horecki - to stand alone into day three.

_MG_5598_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Marcin Horecki

Horecki knocked out Julian Thew and Stephen Chidwick in the same hand and coasted into the money.

Also bagging up massive stacks of chips tonight are the PokerStars qualifiers Sorel Mizzi and Joe Elpayaa, better known perhaps as "Imper1um" and "bigegypt".

_MG_5608_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Joe Elpayaa

The full, official counts will be with us soon and you should click here to see them. But those two will be right up there alongside the aforementioned Lellouche and Benjamine. Also in that list will be Peter Eastgate, the Danish Million Dollar Man, warming up for his final table next month with a fine showing here.

_MG_5619_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Peter Eastgate

Right at the top of the pile is the Canadian Philippe D'Auteuil, who has more than 400,000 to show for his day's work.

Tomorrow we will make those remaining 32 fit into the eight chairs of the final table. It probably isn't going to be quicker than this.

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