EPT Deauville: Back to the shores of France

Welcome back to day 12 of the PCA. No, not really, it just feels like that. So short is the gap between the end the Caribbean Adventure and the European Poker Tour's trip to France, that you miss what should be a long and well deserved build up to what is one of the most eagerly awaited stops on the tour. Campari, chandeliers, comic mis-communications - It can only be EPT Deauville.

This is only fourth time the tour has set course for the Normandy beaches, to this jewel of northern France. Normally reserved for the traditional enterprises of film festivals, thoroughbred racing and casino gambling, Deauville has taken well to hosting a poker tour accustomed to lavish accommodation, the casino opening its doors to the tour when most of the town is closed, batoned down and in moth balls for winter. But what that means is we have the town to ourselves and free parking.

_MG_4270_Neil Stoddart.jpg

So what's in store this week? If the last two incarnations of this event are anything to go by it will be first degree poker and raw Gallic excitement, culminating in a few surprises and all the French sparkle and joie de vivre you can handle. The players are arriving as we write, gathering in the lobby and smoking halls of the Casino Deauville and we'll be underway soon.

So shake off the lingering effects of the Bahama Mamas, brush the sand from your toes and swap flip flops and trunks for all the clothes you can wear at the same time. The PCA may have sunshine, heat and golden beaches to Normandy's overcast, two degree gales, but Deauville makes the return to the European winter all the more welcomed.

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