EPT Deauville: Day 2, level 15 live updates

ept-thumb-promo.jpgUpdates from day two, level 14 of EPT Deauville, brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

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Level 15: 2,000-4,000 (400 ante)

9.10pm: Done
Play is done for the night and the leader going into day three will be the Frenchman Ludov no, it's NOT Ludovic Lacay. Right at the death, Nicolas Levi surged past his countryman, with a stack of 648,500. That's your chip leader, folks. Lacay has 500,500.

Full wrap to follow.

8.50pm: Just six hands to go
Tournament staff just announced to the room that all tables will play six more hands and then that's it for the night. Coverage will no dry up for a bit while we run around the room like headless chickens looking for chip counts.

8.43pm: Nice river
PokerStars qualifier Frederic Ouarti has been eliminated by Antoine Arnault in pot worth over 200,000. Action had reached the river with the board reading 9♦5♠Q♥8♠2♥ and around 70,000 in the pot. Arnault led at the pot only for Ouarti to move all in for 74,900. Arnault raised his eyebrows at the bet but made the call with Q♣2♣ for two-pair. It was a good call too as Ouarti revealed A-Q. The Frenchman up to 290,000 now.

8.35pm: Few more for Ainsworth
Jude Ainsworth picks up a few more. Jean Gobin opened for 12,000 from the cut-off and Ainsworth called from the button. On the 3♥2♣9♦ flop, Gobin checked, then folded K♥Q♦ face up when Ainsworth bet 16,000. The Irish Team PokerStars Pro is on around 165,000.

8.30pm: Er, I'd better fold
On a 6♦7♦J♦ flop, Ramzi Jelassi bet 22,000 in his usual confident manner. He wasn't so sure, however, when the man from Kazakhstan, Maxat Aibayev, bumped it up to 110,000. Fold.

8.25pm: Eastgate takes a slice from Verdier
Among all the usual suspects hogging the chip lead, Patrice Verdier has cut an unfamiliar swathe. Dressed in a silk scarf and sports jacket, he looks like he's taken a wrong turn from the drawing room and wound up in a poker tournament. That he amassed close to 400,000 chips is proof that there was nothing accidental about his arrival here.

That said, he has just run into a World Champion again, and although a previous skirmish with Peter Eastgate earned him a chunk, this recent one cost him about 60,000 chips.

It was folded to Eastgate on the button, who raised to 10,600. Verdier called in the big blind and they saw a flop of A♣[10c]J♦. Verdier led for 18,000; Eastgate called and the turn came 2♠. Check, check. The river was 5♦ and Verdier checked again, prompting a bet of 32,000 from Eastgate.

Was that a value bet or a scare bet? Verdier wanted to know and paid the fee. Eastgate showed him A♥9♣ and a disappointed Frenchman tabled A♦8♥. Out-kicked.

8.20pm: Patience the key here
Bruno Fitoussi has been nursing a short stack since I was nine years old. Okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration but he's been very short for at least two levels. He seemingly has refused to give up his tournament and has waited for the right spots to get his chips in. Down as low as 12,000 at one point he now has about 70,000.

Action folded around to him in the small blind and he moved all in for around 34,000 and was called by the big blind. Fitoussi opened 7♠7♣ and saw he was in a race against his opponent's Q♥9♦. The flop came a pretty handy K♦K♥7♦ and his hand held through the A♠ turn and K♣ river.

8.10pm: How about that check on the turn?
Slightly more than an hour ago, Stefan Fuchs busted Katja Thater to fly into the chip lead. And although that has now been assumed by Ludovic Lacay (see below), Fuchs is fighting back.

He's still finding German players to pick on and has just won another huge pot, this time from Peter Bosen. It went like this. Bosen raised to 9,500 from under-the-gun and Fuchs raised to 27,500 a few seats to his left. Bosen was the only player still interested and called for a 3♣2♦A♦ flop.

Bosen checked, Fuchs bet 19,500 and Bosen called again. The turn was [10c], which both players checked, going to a 6♠ river. Bosen checked and Fuchs bet 50,000, which sent Bosen into the tank. Eventually he dismissively tossed in the call and must have been as surprised as the packed rail to see Fuchs roll over A♠A♦.


Stefan Fuchs: Picking on Germans

Fuchs up to about 460,000.

8pm: New chip leader
Ludovic Lacay has stormed into the chip lead after winning a monster pot that sends him just over the 600,000 mark. The pre-flop action was ferocious... Riccardo Mazzitelli made it 12,500, Lacay re-popped to 30,000, and then Mazzitelli fired it up by another 42,500.

Lacay wanted to know how much the Italian had behind. It was another 140,000 or so. "All in," announced Lacay, covering Mazzitelli. Now the Italian had to think about it, but he called.

Lacay: A♥K♥
Mazzitelli: A♠[10s]

Lacay was some way ahead, and the board ran Q♦Q♥A♣5♠2♦, ensuring Mazzitelli's day was done and Lacay stacked the monster.

"I really was not expecting to see A-10 spades," Lacay said. "In fact I nearly folded my ace-king there!"

A Lacay with chips is a dangerous thing. Field be warned.

_MG_9984_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Ludovic Lacay: A dangerous thing

7.50pm: The final stretch
After a last lungful of smoke and a final kick of caffeine, we've entered level 15 which is the last of the day.


ElkY: Going through the gears on day two

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