EPT Vienna: Day 1B, level 3 & 4 updates (blinds 150-300)


4.42pm: "I thought he may do something crazy"
That's the reason Andy Teng just gave me for why he didn't really consider four-betting Diogo Xavier Veiga pre-flop. Teng had raised an early 300 limp to 1,200 and had been raised in turn by Veiga to 3,200. Teng made the call and then checked the 2♣5♠Q♠ flop. Veiga made a near pot-sized 5,625 bet and Teng took his sweet time in reraising to 16,000 (of 19,000 or so in his stack). Veiga made the call and Teng tossed the remainder of his stack in on the A♥ turn. It was insta-called, of course.

Teng: A♠Q♦
Veiga: J♠T♠

Teng had a few outs to dodge but was certainly getting his money in good with top two-pair and a blocker to the flush draw. A harmless 4♥ dropped on the river as Teng chipped up to 45,000.

This hand finished a couple of minutes into the break (see below). -- RD

4.40pm: Break time
Players are on a 15 minute break at the end of level four.

4.37pm: Bigger cheese
Jim Collopy has doubled-up to 34,000 with ace-jack. We don't have all the details but the board read A♣4♥J♠7♦2♦ and the smile, that never leaves his face, is now a lot wider. -- MC

4.36pm: Not even a bridesmaid this time
John Juanda, who recently finished second at EPT London, for £545k, is out after being eliminated by PokerStars qualifier Krzysztof Grubka.

Grubka raised to 825 from the cut-off and was called in one spot before Juanda three-bet to 3,000 from the SB. Grubka responded by four-betting to 10,825 and Junada called all-in for 4,700 after the third party folded. Showdown:

Juanda: 7♦7♠
Grubka: A♠K♣

The board ran 4♠J♠T♠2♠5♥ to make a flush for the Pole, who took the pot and the scalp. -- MC

4.35pm: Raising Jelassi
A setback for Ramzi Jelassi who is down to 14,200 after Russian close encounter.

Jelassi opened for 800 from under-the-gun. Two seats along Russian Yuri Kerzhapkin called, as did Romanian Adrian Veghinas in the cut-off.

Ramzi Jelassi

The flop came 2♠3♦5♦. Jelassi bet another 1,500 which Kerzhapkin called without ceremony, before Veghinas folded. Now it was just the two of them. Both checked the K♦ turn for a A♦ on fifth street. Jelassi went to his chips and bet another 1,700. Unperturbed Kerzhapkin called, showing J♦J♣ to Jelassi's 7♣5♣.

Kerzhapkin is now up to 33,000. -- SB

4.30pm: Houghton left in another difficult spot
Laurence Houghton seems to be getting himself in all kinds of difficult spots with tricky river cards regularly falling at his feet. Houghton raised under-the-gun to 800 and was called by Martin Schmidkunz in the big blind. Houghton made a 1,050 continuation bet and was called.

An overcard to the board dropped on the turn with the K♥, but that didn't deter Houghton who fired 1,900. Schmidkunz made the call only for the 6♠ to drop on the river which completed flush draw and straight draws from the flop, albeit a relatively unlikely straight draw given that the effective stacks weren't that deep.

Schmidkunz led 4,600 into the pot and Houghton looked - not for the first time today - a little annoyed by the river card. He eventually made the call and Schmidkunz showed A♣Q♣ for the ace-high bluff while Houghton's brave A♠J♥ scooped the pot. He's back up to 19,000. -- RD

4.25pm: Ruthless Ruthenberg
Team PokerStars Pro Sebastian Ruthenberg's stack is on the up. I just saw him bet 4,700 on the river of a 7♦3♦J♦A♣Q♦ board. His only opponent was Marco Fantini and he folded J♥3♥ face up. Ruthenberg now has around 39,500. -- NW

4.18pm: Reicht's tag
A sneaky river check by Jurgen Reicht failed to get the dividend he'd hoped for. I joined the action on the turn of a 7♠3♠8♠Q♠ board to see Reicht betting 3,000 into a pot of 5,000. His lone opponent Constantin Georgescu took a while but did eventually call. The river was the 7♥, Reicht checked it over to Georgescu who took little time in checking it back. Reicht showed a sneakily played A♠Q♦ to claim the pot. -- NW

4.13pm: German young guns go to battle
Simon Munz and Tobias Reinkemeier are seen as two of the brightest poker talents in Germany and they are sat at the same table right now. The former just got the better of the latter to move up to 44,000 chips. They were heads-up to the 3♦J♣2♣ flop and Munz led for 1,300. Call.

The turn came 4♥ and this time Reinkemeier called a 2,800 bet. The river brought the Q♣ and Munz emptied the clip with a 5,700 bet. Reinkemeier called but mucked upon seeing Munz's Q♥J♥ to leave himself with 15,000. -- MC

4.10pm: How to win an EPT
One of the most asked questions of successful poker players is "how did you get started?" Well, the video blog team sat down with Arnaud Mattern to find out he went about it, a story of backgammon and low stakes before he hit the headlines winning EPT Prague in season four. The first of a two part interview...

4.02pm: Eames befuddled by a Grubka kick
John Eames is another one of those players that gets a lot of respect online but just hasn't quite had the same level of joy playing live. Janar Kiivramees opened from middle position for 700 and was three-bet by Krzysztof Grubka to 2,000. Eames sat riffling his chips for no short amount of time before three-betting to 5,100.

Kiivramees opted, wisely as it would transpire, to move out of the way while Grubka flat called the four-bet. Eames checked the 9♥K♥Q♣ flop to Grubka who who shoved his remaining 13,000 or so into the middle. Eames made the call, somewhat reluctantly it appeared, and was shown middle set with Q♠Q♦.

Eames' A♠A♥ was now relying on a third ace or a few backdoor outs. The 6♥ helped, with eight flush outs, to add to the two aces, but Grubka successfully faded those as well.

Eames is down to 9,000. Eames looked a little exasperated and Pieter de Korver was quick to assist with a sympathetic word along the lines of: "Yeah, what you gonna do!?!" -- RD

ept vienna_day 1b_pieter de korver.jpg

Pieter de Korver: doubles as an agony aunt at the weekends

3.50pm: Strassmann out
The latest news is that Team PokerStars Pro Johannes Strassmann is out. Having plunged to just 10,000 chips he moved all-in with ace-king against ace-queen, only for the queen to hit the river. -- SB

3.48pm: Chip counts
We've been busy slacking updating the chip counts page for the past hour, Daniel Drescher with 94,000 is currently leading the way. -- NW

3.45pm: Super shoves and slow played hands
Yusuf Kurt opened under-the-gun for 600 and was called by Nacho Barbero, David Jerney, Christian Oswald and Michael Beyer before Jiri Horacek shoved all-in for 12,675. Kurt took the longest to fold before Barbero and Jerney tossed their hands into the muck. Oswald, however, also paused, looked at his chips and at his opponents, before passing. Beyer wasn't interested either and Horacek picked up an easy 3,000.

"I had ace-king," said Oswald. Kurt said he had the same hand. Horacek may have had a close escape there. -- RD

3.40pm: Benyamine been better
David Benyamine is down to 6,300 after losing out to Andras Viczian.

Viczian raised to 525 from the hijack and was called in two spots before Benyamine three-bet to 1,550 from the BB. All three called to see the A♥6♥5♦ flop where the Frenchman led for 3,000. Viczian was the only caller to the 6♠ turn where the action went check-check. The river came T♥ and Benyamine check-called a 5,025 bet after some thought but he soon mucked upon seeing Viczian's A♦K♦. -- MC


3.35pm: Another record
Official numbers are in with 587 players confirmed for EPT Vienna.

3.30pm: Don't ruin your chances
After seven season of the European Poker Tour you tend to spot certain patterns. It's long been discussed that the first player to take their seat on day one never wins, neither does the man dressed as a cowboy, the guy in the novelty hat nor the player wearing heart-shaped sunglasses that flash blue lights.

Not that Italian player Giuseppe Zarbo was aware of these trends. He wears the flashing glasses when in a big hand, the most recently one in which he lost to a rivered straight. Will he be the first to buck the trend?

Another big hand played out in front of him, although no need for the glasses. On a board of Q♣Q♠J♠Q♦8♠ Tim Ulrich bet 8,700 and waited for Ofir Abramovici to react. After a few minutes of tanking he reluctantly called, pushing his cards away like some disgusting appetiser when Ulrich turned over Q♥T♠.

Ulrich is up to 40,000 and was still talking about things a few hands later. Abramovici is down to less than 20,000 and is not so chatty. - SB

3.15pm: Collopy big-slicks up
Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri has doubled up to 44,000 through Jim Collopy. There was a raise to 525 from Nicholas Verkaik in first position that Mineri called from two seats along, as did Andrew Teng in the SB.

Dario Minieri

Collopy was sat in the BB and three-bet to 2,075 which was enough to force out Verkaik, but not the diminutive Italian. He made it 5,250 to go which was enough to see off Teng, but not Collopy, who moved all-in.

"Call. I have aces," said Minieri and he duly tabled A♠A♥. Collopy revealed A♥K♣ and the board ran Q♠J♥J♠3♥5♥ to send the chirpy American down to 7,000. -- MC

3.10pm: Slick stuff from Schleich
Martin Schleich opened for 550 from early position and was called by Florian Langmann in the cut-off and Marco Leonzio in the small blind. Schleich's 1,500 bet on the 8♣4♦3♣ shook off everyone but Leonzio, who made the call. Both players checked the 8♥ turn. Leonzio quickly spat out a 3,500 bet on the 7♥ river which Schleich slowly called with a languid toss of a yellow 5,000 chip into the middle.

Leonzio mucked his cards and Schleich waited until the pot was pushed his way before he released his own hand - just in case. -- RD

3.05pm: Same old story
Luca Pagano is down but still up, if that makes sense, after a hand against Turkish player Senol Karahasan.

Luca Pagano

On a flop of 5♦8♠9♣ Pagano called Karahasan's bet for a 3♣ turn card. Here Karahasan checked to Pagano who bet 1,475. Karahasan called but both players checked the K♠ river. Karahasan showed A♦A♠.

"Only aces?" muttered Pagano, and folded his hand. He's now on 36,000.

Elsewhere Paul Testud is up to 39,000. What is the link between Pagano and Testud? Well, along with Pascal Perrault, they are the only players to have cashed in an EPT Vienna event before, Testud out in 16th place (imagine sepia coloured still photos of the time), Pagano out in 14th. - SB

2.55pm: Set over set
Four players, including Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri, put in 500 a piece to see a flop of [10s]9♠7♠. From the small blind Minieri checked as did Daniel Drescher and Aleksi Salmi. Last to act Nicholas Verkaik bet 1,200 and only Drescher called.

The turn was the 6♦. Drescher check-called a bet of 2,100. The fifth and final card was the Q♠. Far from creating action, this card slowed both players down as they took a free showdown.

Verkaik showed 7♥7♣ whilst Drescher showed the better set with [10c][10h]. Jim Collopy, who is also at the table, piped up: 'Now come on, just what is going on here,' amazed that there had not been more action. -- NW

2.46pm: ElkY out
We didn't catch the details but we're guessing either a monstrous bluff gone wrong or semi-bluff cooler that didn't catch, either way the result is that Bertrand 'ElkY' Grospellier is out. -- RD

ept vienna_day 1b_elky.jpg

ElkY won't be adding to his fierce EPT record this time around

2.40pm: Off we go again
Level three of nine has started. Kevin MacPhee (62k) and Nacho Barbero (47k) are among the leaders while Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu is struggling (12k). The Canadian has a formidable tournament record but has found struggles at EPTs and recorded only his first cash at EPT London a couple of weeks ago. -- MC


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