EPT Vilamoura Day 1B: Levels 3 & 4 updates (blinds 150-300)

ept-thumb-promo.jpg4.29pm: Break
That's the end of level four, and we're now half way through the day. Players are now on a 15-minute break. -- SY

4.28pm: Back on the up
Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano is back up to 27,000 after getting paid off by David Frieling in a pot. Seven thousand chips had made it into the middle and both players checked the turn to leave the board as 9♠2♠A♣A♦7♥ on the river. Frieling checked from under-the-gun and then called the Italian's 5,700 bet but mucked upon seeing his A♠J♦. --MC

4.25pm: Williams get a bit more
New Team PokerStars Pro Chris Kamara David Williams seems to be enjoying life under the PokerStars flag. He's now up to 57,000 after picking up a small chunk from Timo Pfuetzenreuter. Williams had Q♠J♣ on the 7♦6♥Q♦Q♠K♣ board. -- SY

4.22pm: Look-alikes
Team PokerStars Pro David Williams is rocking a new look. Okay, it's not brand new but it's certainly some distance from the shaved head and sunglasses that you'd normally associate with him. It was bugging us at the blogging desk exactly who he was reminding us of when it suddenly clicked. Chris Kamara.

You'll only know Kamara if you're a British football fan but let me tell you, he's an absolute legend. A former football star turned exuberant commentator Kamara has a trademark look; tight curly hair and pencil thin moustache. They could have been separated at birth. If you want to see Kamara at his legendary best then click the red link. Awesome. Williams is up to 55,000. -- RD

ept vilamoura_day 1b_david williams.jpg

Chris Kamara

ept vilamoura_day 1b_chris kamara.jpg

David Williams (picture from Sky Sports)

4.18pm: Folding is a big part of the game
Folding is the most common move in poker. Some folds are easy and some are hard and then there's the really hard ones. Get the decisions in these spots right and you'll save a ton of chips in the long run. Carlos Mortensen played a hand out with Danny Neess over a period of 15 minutes. Half of these minutes were taken up on the river with Mortensen thinking hard before folding.

The action started a long long time ago with an early position raise to 800 from the one known as The Matador. He was called by a Viking, Danny Neess in the BB to go to a 9♦T♣Q♠. Mortensen c-bet bet for 1,500 and was called by Neess to see the 3♠ turn. The Dane checked once more but treated Mortensen's 2,800 bet with a raise to 8,150. This didn't deter Mortensen who put in a min-raise to 13,500. Call. The river came 8♥ and Neess took the bull by the horns and fired out 13,000. Cue an epic tank from Mortensen. He thought for so long that the clock was called on him and this prompted him to fold, leaving himself with 20,000 chips. -- MC

4.10pm: Negreanu keeps it under control
Daniel Negreanu kicked things off with a raise from under the gun and was called by Ivo Donev in the cut-off and the big blind. Negreanu tipped forward 900 towards the 4♠2♣8♠ flop and was called by Donev alone. "Just you and me," said Donev excitedly. Negreanu opted to check the Q♣ on the turn which Donev took a swipe at for 2,100. Negreanu called and then both players checked the 2♥ river. Donev had to show first and he tabled Q♠T♠ for top pair and a flush draw. Negreanu showed K♠K♦ and took the pot. -- RD

4.05pm: Sarwer strong, ElkY gone
Over on table four, the likes of Coelho, Grospellier, Sarwer, Thorson and Stani play the Holy game of poker, the table Michelangelo would have painted.

Of the bunch ElkY is worse off, down to just 14,000 while Thorson and Coelho have breached the 40k mark. Sarwer is up to 36,000 and would add a few thousand more after a hand against Mohamad Kowssarie.

On a three way flop of 9♦K♠7♦, Kowssarie and Thorson checked in the blinds and Sarwer, sitting in the cut off, bet 1,650. Kowssarie called while Thorson passed before the K♦ turn card. Both players checked for a 6♦ river. Kowssarie checked to Sarwer again who tossed out 4,000.

Kowssarie turned to face Sarwer, which Lothar Meier in seat three found funny. But Sarwer was giving nothing away and simply stared ahead at the board. Kowssarie called. Sarwer flipped up Q♦J♦. Kowssarie could only look at his cards a last time before mucking them, sending Sarwer up to 45,000.

Moments later Thorson would add to his lot, eliminating Grospellier. Thorson up to around 60,000. ElkY to the beach. -- SB

3.55pm: Boeken busted
Team PokerStars Pro Noah Boeken must have been on the end of a rough hand because he was down to his last 1,550. That soon went in the middle with an all-in shove and he was called by Nicolo Calia, who reached the final table at EPT Tallinn.

Boeken: A♣6♠
Calia: A♥8♥

That was bad, and it got a lot worse when the board ran K♣[10h]8♦[10d]7♦ to bust the Dutchman. -- SY

3.45pm: No eight?
Daniel Negreanu bet out 1,600 at a 8♦8♥[10d] flop, and Rafael Martinez called before Vitor Sebastiao raised to 3,200. Negreanu, worried about the eights, folded, but Martinez made the call. Both then checked the 3♠ turn and J♣ river. Sebastio had pocket nines, but Martinez showed [10h]7♠ for a better pair. -- SY

3.41pm: Got Carter
Carter Phillips, who this time last year was winning EPT Barcelona, will not be getting anything in Vilamoura. He's just busted, talking about having aces against a set as he left the tournament area. -- SY

ept vilamoura_day 1b_carter philips.jpg

Late entry, early exit: Carter Philips at EPT Vilamoura

3.40pm: Negreanu on the money
A board of 2♠A♣A♥9♣J♥ and Andreas Van De Venne moved all-in. The shove was for about 22,000 and had come after Karolis Grybauskas made it 12,500, with 8,000 in the middle before the river card. Now he had 13,000 left and the option of calling, but he didn't like it. He passed.

"It's a good fold," said Daniel Negreanu, almost before Grybauskas had mucked his cards. He then gestured to Van De Venne. "He has ace-jack for sure."

Helping Negreanu prove his point Van De Venne showed his A♦J♦.

"I had two jacks," said Grybauskas.

"Still a good fold," replied Negreanu. -- SB

3.37pm: Happy finish
Christophe de Meulder opened the pot for 500 under the gun and instantly picked up a customer in Dieter Albrecht (he is sat on de Meulder's left). The Belgian Team PokerStars Pro led 1,050 into the Q♦4♠T♥ flop. Albrecht instantly raised and it wasn't much more than the minimum. De Meulder passed and told the man from Switzerland: "You were looking too happy with that flop." Cue a discussion involving Sam Trickett, de Meulder and Andy Black as to whether you should tell people that their emotions are giving them away. -- RD


3.30pm: New chip leader
Sorel Mizzi has rocketed to the top of the chip counts with 110,000. It's hard to give coverage from his awkwardly positioned table but rumours are circulating the Canadian cracked an opponent's pocket kings with an inferior holding to win a monster pot. --MC

3.18pm: Pagano over shoves the river
Luca Pagano had 9,575 left in his stack on the river of a 7♠9♣4♦A♦6♣ board. He moved it all across the line leaving David Frieling with what seemed to be a difficult decision. There was around 3,800 in the pot after Frieling's 1,300 bet on the turn had been called and Pagano's shove was more than double the pot. Frieling eventually made the call and Pagano showed 3♠5♠ for the straight. Pagano is back up to 24,000. -- RD

3.15pm: Mellow Melo
Fatima Moreira de Melo just moved all-in for 17,600 against Manual Cadilhe who called her ace-king with pocket kings. Moreira de Melo didn't catch an ace but the board ran J♠9♦Q♥T♦A♠ for a split pot. -- SB


Fatima Moreira de Melo

3.05pm: Taking the pot away
Tristan Clemencon is up to 35,000 after check-raising Andre Andrade off a hand on the river of a 5♠9♥9♦6♦A♦ board. The Frenchman raised pre-flop and was called in two spots before his 925 c-bet was only called by Andrade. Clemencon check-called a 1,575 bet on the turn before checking to face a 4,225 bet on the river. His response was to raise to 11,625 for the pot as his opponent folded after some serious thought. -- MC

3.02pm: The turn changed these set of events
John O'Shea has doubled-up through neighbour Team PokerStars Pro Ruben Visser. The turn was out to give the board a 3♥6♣8♦T♠ look and it was here that both players got their chips in. Visser tabled A♠A♣ but O'Shea opened T♦T♥ for set. The river came 7♥ before the Irishman raked in the 35,000 chip pot. Visser down to 13,800 now. --MC

3pm: Stumpfed
Frank Stumpf, who should receive a cash prize for the name alone, just doubled up through Liviu Ignat of Romania, another name worthy of applause.

It was a typical aces versus kings affair only this time the aces held. Stumpf moves up to more than 35,000, leaving Ignat with around 10,000 after the board came T♠T♣5♥3♦5♣. -- SB.

2.54pm: Ebanks robbed
When I arrived at the action Joseph Ebanks had already been keeping a pensive looking waitress waiting at his shoulder with a bill for a good minute or so. The American was staring down at the 5♦6♥Q♥J♣ board which had approximately 14,000 in the pot next to it. Ebanks, who was playing from the cut-off, tossed two yellow 5,000 chips across the line and Thorsten Schafer, who was in the big blind, made the call. The K♥ dropped on the river completing the flush and a couple of straight draws. Schafer led into that danger card for 9,000. Ebanks thought long again - still with his simpering waitress behind him - before finally mucking. I hoped he tipped her for her time. -- RD

2.44pm: Neessly does it
Danny Neess opened the pot to 450 from early position and was called in middle position by António Martins and by Luca Pagano in the big blind. All Neess needed to do to win the pot was to bet 1,125 at the 2♣6♥5♣ flop. Martins thought a little longer than Pagano but ultimately both players passed their hands. Pagano is down to 13,000. -- RD

2.40pm: Veldhuis or Bordalo?
On a flop of 6♥Q♥2♦ Ricardo Bordalo checked to Lex Veldhuis who bet 1,350 in late position. Bordalo then raised to 3,200 which Veldhuis eventually called. The turn came 4♣ which Bordalo bet at, 7,500 in total. Veldhuis thought about things for a few moments before silently moving his chips all-in, a sum of around 14,500. Bordalo called. Veldhuis turned over A♥Q♠ while Bordalo showed 9♥4♥. The river card 7♣ did no harm to Veldius who doubles up. -- SB

2.35pm: Carlos comes late
An EPT title is about the only thing missing from Carlos Mortensen's trophy cabinet and he's just taken his seat to try and so something about that. --MC

2.30pm: LEVEL 3
The players are back from break for the second quarter of today's play. Jonathan Weeks still leads the way after tripling-up early on. Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu is on around 13,000 and was just complaining to us how bad his day has gone so far. He's staying positive though! --MC


Liv Boeree looking for a second EPT title

PokerStars Blog reporting team at EPT Vilamoura (in order of MS paint skills): Stephen Bartley (maestro), Rick Dacey (improving), Simon Young (can only improve) and Marc Convey (can only do stick men). Photos by Neil Stoddart.

Marc Convey
@PokerStars in European Poker Tour