EPT Deauville: Day 1B, level 5 & 6 updates (blinds 200-400, 50 ante)

ept-thumb-promo.jpg6.50pm: Grafton finishes level on a high
Sam Grafton is up to 59,000 after three-betting all-in on a 8♦5♣6♣ flop versus Morozovs Mihails. Mihails raised to 1,200 and called when Grafton three-bet to 2,600 from mid position. Grafton c-bet for 3,800 on the flop and shoved for another 37,100 when Mihails clicked it up to 7,600. Mihails tanked for a good while, all the time looking around like he wanted help but he ultimately folded. The players are now on a 15 minute break. -- MC
6.45pm: The numbers are good
The all-important numbers are in, ladies and gentlemen. The total field for EPT Deauville is 891 (768 last year), generating a €4,276,800 prize pool. Of that lot, €880,000 will be thrown at our first-place finisher and a total of 128 places will be paid.

We'll have a full prizes and payout page with you shortly. -- SY

6.42pm: Kabrhel crushes Nielsen
Martin Kabrhel is not the kind of player that you want to tangle with lightly. He's capable of some big moves and loves to apply the pressure. Claus Bek Nielsen has just found this out the hard way.

Nielsen had started the action from middle position and the action had folded around to Kabrhel in the small blind who three-bet to 3,575. Nielsen came back over the top for 7,700 and Kabrhel casually tossed a stack of 5,000 chips across the line to push Nielsen all-in.

The Dane didn't like that. Not one little bit. He grimaced, he rubbed his head and I think he maybe even groaned a little. You can also add that he folded to that list. Kabrhel is up to 60,000. -- RD

6.37pm: Scripcenco 2, Blom 0
Almira Scripcenco and Viktor Blom have tangled for the second time I've witnessed today and for the second time the French lady came has come out on top. There was an under-the-gun limp that Blom treated to a raise to 1,600 from the cut-off. Scripcenco was in the small blind and four-bet to 4,200. The limper folded but Blom made the call to see the J♣J♦3♣ flop.

Scripcenco checked to face a 3,000 bet from Blom. Call. Both players checked the 9♦ turn before Scripcenco led for 8,600 on the 6♠ river. Blom slid his cards into the muck and was shown A♣ by Scripcenco who is up to 95,000. Blom was down to 32,000 after the hand and news has reached us that he has since dropped further to 20,000. -- MC

6.30pm: Hey JC, JC, won't you smile at me?
Patrick Bruel's charge continues. The French singing star just eliminated Nicolas Correia, he with the Christ the Redeemer tattoo, calling Correia's all-in with T♠9♣, on a flop of 8♣6♥9♠ with Q♠Q♥. The turn 8♦ and river 3♦ sent Correia to the rail and Bruel up to 97,000. - SB


6.20pm: Pot to Pagano
Luca Pagano opened for 1,125 which was raised from the button by Patrick Sacrispeyre to 3,200. Pagano called for a flop of 8♥9♠9♦ which both players checked for a turn card J♠. Again both checked and the river card came Q♥. Pagano tossed in 6,500 prompting Sacrispeyre to fold. The Italian Team PokerStars Pro is clawing his way back, up to 22,000. - SB

6.14pm: Blom doubles, Fallara left red-faced
I've found out from the last couple of tournaments that Viktor Blom doesn't always need to turn the magic on, he just lets other players explode. A case in point is Daniele Fallara who played this hand... is it rude to say 'horribly'? Probably. I think it would be fair to say that if he conducts any post-hand analysis on his choices in this pot it will leave him shaking his head and wondering what he was thinking.

Blom opened the pot for 1,000 from middle position and Fallara three-bet from the small blind to 2,200. Blom came back over the top for 4,600 and Fallara made the call. Fallara checked the Q♦4♦K♥ flop allowing Blom him to bet 4,000 before he came back over the top for 11,100.

Blom gave a little shrug of his shoulders and tipped the rest of his 17,775 stack across the line. Fallara went a little pale before picking up a grey 5,000 chip to make the call. The missing blood soon rushed back to his face when he turned over 8♣8♦ to Blom's A♣K♠. The 4♣ turn and T♥ river changed nothing as Blom leapt up to 44,000. Fallara, post head explosion, is down to 17,000. -- RD

6.08pm: Negreanu tired and flushed
Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu is man suffering with jet-lag. He lost a 40,000 pot in level one and has been struggling to recover his stack and stay awake ever since. His most recent pot should perk him up though as it puts him up to 23,000.

We picked up the action from the turn but it looked as though Negreanu raised from under-the-gun and c-bet the flop. His opponent in the hand was Abdelkader Ghanima and this man from Belgium called Negreanu's 1,650 bet when the board showed J♣T♥8♥A♥. The river fell 6♦ and Negreanu led for 5,600 and was called again. He tabled 6♥4♥ for a flush and the pot as Ghanima folded. -- MC

6.05pm: Hellooooooo Albania
Forget the poker - this is by far the most important post of the day. Yes, it's the moment PokerStars Blog pays tribute to a sole reader from a distant land. Today our analytics tells us we have a single reader in Albania.

Not just any reader but a devout reader. He or she has enjoyed the free content on seven of our pages, spending 38 minutes of their time. If you can think of a better way to spend 38 minutes, then do let us know.

Thanks for reading, whoever you are in Tirana, Albania. And we're sorry about Norman Wisdom's passing. -- SY

6pm: Right tune for Bruel
With three limpers ahead of him Freddy Deeb raised to 2,500 from the small blind. In early position was Frenchman Patrick Bruel who called, as did Luis Montague. Nicolas Correia, who had also limped, and who has a picture of Christ the Redeemer tattooed on his arm, didn't call.

The flop came 2♣8♦J♣.

Deeb made it another 3,000 to play but couldn't shake off Bruel and Montague, both of whom called for a 4♠ turn card. Deeb checked this time, leaving it to Bruel to bet 6,500. Montague finally passed and the action was back on Deeb who pushed in his headphones and scratched his head. He called, leaving himself 30,000 behind.

Freddy Deeb

The river card came J♥. Deeb checked, as did Bruel. Deeb knew the game was up.

"You got it," he said as Bruel said he had two pair. He showed 8♠6♠. Deeb mucked. Bruel up to 77,000. - SB

5.52pm: Level up
That's the end of level five. While we'll miss it, we look forward to meeting level six, together with its 200-400 blinds and 50 ante. --SY

5.50pm: Rousso can't bluff
Vanessa Rousso, an American/French person, was babbling away in French to the chap next to her. Obviously I understood every word of it. She was soon involved in a hand, opening with a raise to 900 and getting a call from '235', who upon inspection of the player list is revealed as being Pascal Ballester. Of course he is.

The flop was 6♣[10c]A♥ and Rousso bet again, getting an instant fold for her trouble. She showed the A♠ and, with only 12,000 or so behind, said: "I can't afford to bluff right now." -- SY

5.46pm: Two bullets enough
Sam Grafton is up to 34,000 after his aggression was enough to win a pot by the turn. He raised to 675 from early position and was called in three spots, including Luca Pagano in the small blind. The flop came 7♣4♥Q♠ and Grafton's 725 c-bet was called by both blind players with the third opponent folding. The turn came T♠ and there was no slowing Grafton down as he fired 1,650. Pagano said "No" and folded as did the big blind. Grafton looked at his has once more and gave a look of disappointment before raking in the pot. Pagano is struggling a little on 15,000. -- MC

5.34pm: Rufas would have rivered it
"If you don't call, I call," said Luis Ramon Rufas, the long time chip leader of EPT Barcelona and eventual 10th place finisher. Rufas was talking to Artem Litvinov who had called a 9,500 shove from Jean Charles Brami on a 3♣5♥K♣ flop. Rufas had led into it for 1,925 and folded a king face-up.

Brami: A♥A♠
Litniov: 2♣5♣

Litniov was in surprisingly good shape, a marginal 50.1% favourite in fact. He missed the 7♠ turn and the K♥ river and Brami doubled up to 25,000. Rufas shook his head. He would have got it in bad but won. -- RD

5.25pm: Barbero back
Jose Nacho Barbero is back up to 20,000. He and Emin Aghayev played a pot together with Barbero leading the betting all the way on a board of 5♦Q♠6♣4♦. On the turn Barbero bet 2,900 which ultimately proved too much for Aghayev, who passed.
Elsewhere Viktor Blom was in action, albeit briefly.

After Jimmy Ostensson opened for 650 Blom called in middle position, as did Andrea Ferrari next to him. Mathieu Gallienne raised to 2,100 taking a break from the book that he's been reading since the start which has caused him to spontaneously giggle from time to time. Unnerving at best.

Seeing this Ostensson re-raised to 5,525 which had the effect of forcing a fold from Blom, from Ferrari and also from Gallienne, who wasn't laughing any more. - SB

ept deauville_day 1b_viktor blom.jpg

Viktor Blom, laughing unlike Mathieu Gallienne

5.20pm: Pagano and Grafton still tussling
Luca Pagano and Sam Grafton are going at it like a pair of terriers on amphetamines. Every time one of us wanders over they're involved in a pot and this time it was scrappy Sam Grafton that won the bone pot.

Pagano had his teeth firmly clamped on the pot check calling a bet of 1,450 on the T♣4♠J♠2♥ turn, but a final 1,950 tug from Grafton on the 9♥ river prised the chips away from the Italian Team Pro. Grafton is back up near his starting stack. -- RD

5.13pm: Diamonds save Levi
Nicolas Levi is down a little to 41,000 after hitting the wrong end of the straight but it could've been a lot more expensive if there hadn't been three diamonds on board. He raised from early position and was called by Alex Wice in the next seat and a player in the cut-off. The flop and turn where checked through by all three players to leave a Q♦6♣5♦K♦T♠ board. At this stage Levi led for 5,000 and Wice shrugged his shoulders and made the call (cut-off folded). Levi tabled jack-nine but Wice had the nut straight with ace-jack to move up to 34,000. -- MC

5.05pm: Duhamel downed by last-minute winner
Vikask Dhorasso, the former French international footballer, scored right at the death to eliminate Team PokerStars Pro Jonathan Duhamel. I'll let the WSOP champion take up the sorry story (translated from original Twitter speak)...

"Wow, massive pot. I call an early raiser with J-J from the small blind, flop J-4-3, I check-raise, he three-bet I four-bet jam and he calls with K-K. The turn was a blank, but the river was a king. Good game."

That must have been a little bit painful for the Team PokerStars Pro. -- SY

4.58pm: Woerd hand
Frank Op de Woerd is up to 40,000 after winning a three-way pot with an under pair to the board. Op de Woerd had limp called with pocket deuces and then checked the action down on a 5♣9♥6♠7♠5♥ board. No-one took a stab at the pot and the Dutch blogger raked in the pot. -- RD

4.50pm: We're back
Play re-starts in level 5 with blinds at 150-300.

horses on a car EPT7DEAd1b.jpg
Your guess is as good as ours

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Deauville (in order of half-sisters they wish they'd just discovered while on national television): Simon Young (the Queen), Rick Dacey (Xena the Warrior Princess), Stephen Bartley (Ma Walton) and Marc Convey (his real sister)