Belgium: Small country, great poker nation

ept-thumb-promo.jpgWhen I started on the EPT during 2008, a Belgian player was hard to find in the poker world. I knew they were out there. Belgians are fine poker players. It just took us a while to get the recognition we deserve.

Belgians are a shy people who are not always at ease in the jungle of big poker tournaments, so you may not hear much from us. Do not be surprised, however, when you see us across the table. Belgians have the skills for an imaginative and creative game, combined with a traditional game that respects the cards and odds.

After I won the EPT Best Qualifier Award in Season 6, I set a new goal for Season 7. I intend to make Belgium finish first in the race for EPT Best Country.


Now, there are a lot more Belgian players on the EPT. When the EPT visited Prague and Deauville, the number of Belgian players did nothing but rise. They are, of course, good players, but many of them have no experience on the EPT. In Deauville, only 8% of us cashed, which was under the average. Fortunately, we have some very good players in Belgium who are performing very well--so well, in fact, that Belgium is currently atop the leaderboard for EPT Best Country.

While I many not be able to maintain my 50% in-the-money run, I feel confident Belgium can hold on for the win.

Here's the list of Belgian players who have cashed on the EPT in Season 7:

  • Pierre Neuville (5 cashes)
  • Daniel Dodet (2 cashes)
  • Joel Benzinou, Christophe De Meulder, Michael Denis, Kenny Hallaert, Didier Mazairac,
    Mathias De Meulder, Fried Meulders, Filip Verboven, Koen De Visscher, Philip Meulyser, Kevin Vandersmissen (1 cash)
  • To all my fellow Belgians, I hope you work hard to qualify for EPT Madrid. It would be very nice to be together when we our first EPT Award for Best County.

    Good luck to the Belgium poker land!

    Pierre Neuville
    @PokerStars in European Poker Tour