EPT Deauville: Day 1A, level 3 & 4 updates (150-300 blinds)

ept-thumb-promo.jpg4.46pm: Level ends
That's the end of level four. Players are now on a 15-minute break of the day. -- SY

4.45pm: Quads? That'll do nicely
Mesut Akbas flopped a full house and managed to get Dimitrar Danchev to call all-in with a flopped flush draw. Poor Danchev was drawing dead, and could only admire as Akbas made quad jacks on the river. At least he had more of a bust-out tale to recount to his family. -- SY

4.40pm: God laydown?
A 600 raise from mid position was called in three spots, including Michel Abecassis in the small blind and Chris Brammer in the big. Everyone checked the 6♣9♠6♦ flop, but on the Q♣ turn Abecassis made it 1,500. Only Brammer called. The river was A♥ and now the Frenchman checked, only for Brammer to bet 2,700.

That sent Abecassis deep into the tank and he pressed his hands together as if in silent prayer. If he was looking for an answer from a higher authority, it was a little slow in coming as the clock had to be called before Abecassis folded. Brammer is up to 71,000. -- SY

4.35pm: De Meulder all-in
When Christophe De Meulder pushed his final 9,500 across the line into a 4♦7♥4♥K♠T♠ board Ali Ahmad didn't look thrilled. He passed his hand giving up the pot to the Belgian Team PokerStars Pro. When his neighbour asked why he'd been calling* he gruffly replied: "I have a seven and I have a flush (draw)." Really? Either I scribbled the board down too quickly and got it wrong, which I didn't, or Mr Ahmad is telling tales - having a seven and a flush draw would be impossible. Wouldn't be the first time that someone told a fib at the table.

A quick scan of the pot seemed to show De Meulder is back up to 20,000 or so. -- RD

*I only caught the river action.

ept deauville_day 1a_christophe de meulder.jpg

Christophe De Meulder didn't get looked up

4.30pm: Getting funky
It's getting a bit fresh in the tournament room right now. There is no sound made to mark the changing of the level, just a new smell and we're approaching a new smell at the end of level four, which is coming up.

Meanwhile Xuan Liu is finding it difficult to get a hand to go her way. She opened for 700 from under-the-gun only to be raised by Antonio Koukouras in the small blind. Then Alain Tibi, who had been playing with a cigarette for some time, announced "tapis," the way you move all-in verbally around these parts. That amounted to around 37,000 and an easy fold for Liu.

Then in a few hands later she called a bet by Koukouras for a flop of 4♦5♥2♠, checked to the A♣ turn card and then passed when Koukouras bet 1,100. Liu down to around 20,000. - SB

4.33pm: Down but not out
Team PokerStars Pro Theo Jorgensen may be down to less than 10,000 chips but he still has enough wiggle room to show his class. He was heads-up to the river with Sebastien Giral and there was around 2,500 in the pot. The board read 7♥9♣6♣2♥5♥ and Giral led for 1,200 putting the pressure on the Dane. Giral stared at his opponent as he pondered his decision. Jorgensen called and was shown A♠J♥ before he proudly revealed A♥K♠ for the pot. He's up to 10,500 chips now. -- MC

4.21pm: Who said this was a soft field...
This is my first time covering EPT Deauville. I've been told that the field is one of the softer events on the circuit and after just three levels of Day 1A I can see why some would hold that opinion.

Lucille Cailly opened for 500 and was called by Gaetano Dell Aera on the button before Antoine Amourette three-bet to 1,700 from the small blind. Both players made the call. Amourette led for 2,400 into the 5♦6♦4♣ flop and both players called again. The K♣ slowed the action with all three checking before Amourette hit out with another 3,850 into the 4♦ river. With a pot close to 12,500 it was sized like a blocker bet. It smelt and felt much the same. Cailly passed and Dell Aera quickly called. Amourette showed Q♥Q♣ and took the pot. He's surely only beating air there? -- RD

4.10pm: A Bevand hand
On a board of 5♠T♥2♥9♠ Frenchman Manuel Bevand was all-in. Displayed before him was an elaborate formation of chips amounting to about 10,500. He was waiting.

Bevand is the kind of player it's easy to write about. A good record, including a final table at EPT Prague, his has an expressive face and his name is written on his sleeve, which is best of all.

manuel bevand d1a.jpg
Manuel Bevand

Facing a decision whether to call or not was Pierre Canali who stood for a while to get a better view, then sat down again, realising the view was no different. He agonised for a while and then hero folded, turning over Q♣Q♥.

Bevand blinked, then blinked again, not really knowing whether he should have turned over his cards. He soon did, showing T♦, then the 8♦. There were a lot of wows, then some French chatter which could have been about anything. One wide-eyed player said "I knew!" but no one was listening to him.

Bevand back up to 25,000. -- SB

3.55pm:Duthie hits the doom switch
Team PokerStars Pro John Duthie has been eliminated by Paulino Subtil. Subtil limped from mid position and called when Duthie raised from the button. The flop came [9][2][3] and Subtil check-raised Duthie's c-bet and called when the Brit shoved on him. Duthie tabled the mighty five-three; drawing very thin to Subtil's pocket twos for bottom set. The turn and river bricked sending Duthie out the door. -- MC

ept deauville_day 1a_john duthie.jpg

John Duthie aimed for boom, found doom

3.51pm: Free hugs?
Jake Cody is wearing a t-shirt that says 'Free Hugs,' which is probably more suited for Southern California than North-West France to be fair. As he walked back to his table from a coffee break I found myself opening my arms to the fabric invitation of last year's winner. "You can if you want," he said. Ahhh, I thought, suddenly getting all uptight and British: "You're okay, thanks."

I'm now kicking myself. Surely failing to accept the winning embrace and blessing of Cody on the scene of his EPT victory is -EV? That rejection of affection has probably cost me thousands of dollars this year. Drat and blast. -- RD


3.45pm: Phu found wanting
Phuoc Truong Phu opened for 650 from under-the-gun which was called by Genevieve Kremm before Oleh Okhotskyi raised to 2,400. Phu called, Kremm passed and the flop was dealt T♠3♣9♠.

Phu made it 2,000 more to play which Okhotskyi called matter-of-factly for a 2♥ turn. Another 3,625 now from Phu which was called by Okhotskyi who throughout the hand chewed gum with his front teeth.

On the T♣ river card Phu tried again with a last bet of 7,000, leaving himself 2,500 behind. Okhotskyi waited, then called. Phu folded without showing as Okhotskyi showed A♠A♣ to move up to 52,000. - SB

3.36pm: All pre-flop aggression
Chris Brammer is up to 39,000 after taking a pot off Michel Abecassis. The Frenchman raised from the button and called when Brammer three-bet from the small blind. Those were the last chips to make it into the middle as both players checked down the 9♥4♣Q♦J♥7♣. Brammer announced "Ace-high" and motioned as if he was about to fold but Abecassis sat still. Brammer eventually turned over A♣5♣ and seemed surprised to win the pot as Abecassis folded. Brammer up to 39,000 and Abecassis drops to 19,000. -- MC

3.26pm: Horecki's slow negotiations
Marcin Horecki has twice managed a third place finish in an EPT main event, once in London and once, most recently, in Prague. Suffice to say, the former national skier knows how to play.

The Polish Team PokerStars Pro is one of those players that quietly negotiates his way through a field before emerging later in the tournament with a top ten chip stack. The only reason that I'm mentioning this now is that I've managed to spot him on Day 1. It's unheard of. -- RD

ept deauville_day 1a_marcin horecki.jpg

Marcin Horecki: a rare Day 1 spot

3.20pm: That's Chamarre
Watching players in different circumstances can tell the story of a hand without the need for any cards to be shown. One minute Patrice Chamarre was jittery; shifting his weight in his chair, rubbing his face, adopting all manner of poses while Rose Thi Thu Nguyet was sitting upright, hardly moving. Then Chamarre was calm, sitting quite still as Thi Thu Nguyet rocked back and forth slightly and fiddled with her cards.

For the sake of keeping it interesting the board had been dealt already and showed K♠9♥5♠2♥5♦. With 15,000 already in the middle Chamarre in the big blind had bet 5,150 and Thi Thu Nguyet, under-the-gun, was considering her next step. She decided to raise to 11,000, putting the pressure back on Chamarre. He then moved all-in for 22,000 in total, putting the pressure back on Thi Thu Nguyet.

She thought about things but eventually folded. Chamarre, now confirmed as the winner of the hand, didn't do anything with his cards to begin with, instead he talked to Thi Thu Nguyet, asking her questions. The word "bluff" was used but my French is sketchy and it could have referred to hills overlooking the beach.

Thi Thu Nguyet said nothing as Chamarre turned over 9♣9♦, which he seemed more impressed by than anyone else. - SB

3.11pm: Kahlmeyer does well not to lose it all
The look on Tim Kahlmeyer's face on the river showed that he suspected the worst, a set-up that he had to pay off. Kahlmeyer had raised a middle position limp to 650 but had been three-bet from the cut-off, Germain Gillard, to 1,500. Kahlmeyer made the call.

The pale Frenchman fired three times at the 3♦Q♣Q♠8♦2♠ board for 1,900, 3,500 and 8,000. Kahlmeyer made the call each time and was shown A♦Q♥ for top trips top kicker. He gave a slight nod and showed the case queen, the Q♦, before mucking his hand. One suspects a diamond or another face card may have seen the pot slide towards the German instead. Kahlmeyer had been up to 40,000 but is now down to 27,000. -- RD

3pm: Coren culled
Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren has been eliminated in a cooler of a hand. We don't have all the details but the crux of the tale is that she ran the nut flush into an opponent's straight flush. That's got to hurt. -- MC

ept deauville_day 1a_vicky coren.jpg

Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren

2.50pm: Duthie distracted
Team PokerStars Pro John Duthie is finding it hard to keep his concentration so far today. He beckoned me over to whisper something in my ear. Here was I thinking I was about to hear a bad beat story but instead he said, "They make the dealers wear very tight shirts here; it's very distracting!" -- MC

2.40pm: Play re-starts
Play has re-started at the Deauville International Centre, or the Centre International Deauville if you're French. We're in level 3 with blinds at 100-200. -- SB

tournament room d1a.jpg
The tournament room at the Deauville International Centre

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Deauville (in order of French language skills):Stephen Bartley (Ou est les chiens?), Simon Young (Ou est le roast beef?), Rick Dacey (Ou est Alexia Portal?) and Marc Convey (ooh-ahh Cantona).