EPT Deauville: Day 1B, level 7 & 8 updates (blinds 400-800, ante 75)

ept-thumb-promo.jpg9.05pm: Play concludes
The last four hands came and went before play concluded. Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso failed to make it through those hands. She got her short stack in with pocket eights but failed to hold versus an opponent's ace-queen that made two pair. We think the end of day chip leader is Philippe Massias on 175,600. Full chips counts will be up when made available by the tournament directors and a full wrap of the day's play will be up for your reading pleasure very soon. -- MC

8.42pm: Clock stopped
The clock has been stopped as the tournament staff draw to see how many more hands will be played. -- RD

8.35pm: Liv and Let Die
Liv Boeree is out, felled by Frank Op De Woerd. He had made it 2,000 and the Brit re-raised all-in for 14,000 from the big blind. Call:

Boeree: A♥J♦
De Woerd: A♠Q♠

A juice spot for the Dutchman, and the board ran [10c]2♣8♠A♦Q♦ to send Boeree to the rail. -- SY

8.32pm: The formidable rise of Isildur1
We're used to seeing Viktor Blom spinning up rather large amounts on the PokerStars cash tables, now he's doing the same at the live tournament felt.

Yet another nice pot has gone his way to move the young Swede up to more than 135,000. He had made it 1,800 and got calls from Almira Scripcenco and Eric Sagne. The flop was 7♥[10d]2♣ and Blom bet 3,800 this time, getting a call only from Scripcenco. On the 6♦ turn, Scripcenco checked then called when Blom made it 8,850. The river was 4♦ and now it was Scripcenco who came out firing with a bet of 12,425. Blom looked a little disappointed at that, but made the call regardless.

Good shout - his Q♥[10s] was nicely ahead of Scripcenco's 8♥8♣. -- SY

8.25pm: Blom the cent mille man
Viktor Blom is up to 115,000 now after eliminating Mathieu Gallienne in a pre-flop all-in encounter. Blom raised to 1,000 from the cut-off and was called by the player in the next seat before Gallienne shoved for 22,000 from the big blind. Blom was the only caller.

Blom: A♥J♣
Gallienne: A♠9♣

The board ran A♥A♣T♦7♣3♥.

Blom shook his opponent's hand and said: "Good game." -- MC

8.14pm: Movers and shakers
Matthew Frankland who busted Daniel Negreanu last level is up to 120,000 and Team PokerStars Pro Viktor Blom has see-sawed his way up to around 90,000. As mentioned at the beginning of this level some are turning up the heat, while others are sitting back and mucking. -- RD

Level up: Blinds 400-800, ante 75

8.10pm: Boeree shoves
Liv Boeree raised to 1,400 and faced a re-raise to 3,700 from Basil Yaiche. It was folded back to the Team PokerStars Pro, who wasted no time moving all-in for 15,525 total. Yaiche thought for a while before folding with the A♠ face-up. Boeree showed him 3♠. She's up to closer to 20,000 now. -- SY

8.05pm: 'You never bluff'
This was Freddy Deeb having a friendly dig at Patrick Bruel. "Sometimes he thinks he's bluffing but he has the best hand," added Deeb. But it does not really matter how Bruel has been playing as the French crooner is up to 136,000, rather more than Deeb's 10,000.

Next hand Deeb raised to 1,600 and got a call from Bruel and two others. He continued the aggression by betting 3,000 at the 2♥4♥9♣ flop forcing folds all around. "I know you felt bad letting that hand go," Deeb told Bruel. -- SY

ept deauville_day 1b_freddy deeb.jpg

Freddy Deeb

8pm: Bruno punches big
Bruno Fitoussi is seen as one of the godfathers of French poker and it's not hard to understand why. He has amassed tournament winnings of over $2.4 million dating back to 1991, including finishing 14th here last season. He's going along very today as well and it up to 120,000 chips.

He just tried to force fellow countryman, Alain Roy, off a pot where there was a full house on the board but Roy was having none of it. He raised to 1,550 from under-the-gun and was called by Roy to go to the 7♦7♥2♥ flop. Futoussi c-bet for 2,500 and was called before both checked the 2♦ turn. The river came 2♣ and Fitoussi led for 5,500 and Roy called with Q♣T♣. Fitoussi chuckled along with Roy as he tabled J♣8♣ to split the pot. -- MC

7.55pm: Negreanu busts in self-fulfilling prophecy
"I predict that I go bust in this hand," proclaimed Daniel Negreanu. The Canadian had opened from under-the-gun and had been called by Mathew Frankland in the hijack. The flop had dropped a low 4♦7♣3♦ and Negreanu had sucked his teeth before saying: "Seriously? That's dangerous. I'm genuinely nervous."

Obviously not nervous enough not to lead 1,750 into the pot. Frankland, confirming Negreanu's busto fears, raised to 5,100. The Team PokerStars Pro made the call, which took them to a 8♣ river. Negreanu checked and Frankland bet 11,000.

"It's so fun when you predict it and play it anyway," said Negreanu before shipping in his stack for an additional 13,750. Frankland called immediately.

ept deauville_day 1b_daniel negreanu.jpg

Daniel Negreanu: poker player, media spokesman, psychic

"You got a set?" asked Negreanu. Frankland said that he did and showed pocket threes. "Ahhh, I've got outs," he added showing Q♦8♦ for top pair and a flush draw. A diamond failed to fall.

"I said that I was going to go broke," he said to the growing throng of onlookers, "That's immediately blog worthy." Indeed it is, Daniel, indeed it is. Negreanu out, Frankland claims a showcase scalp. --- RD

7.40pm: 'You got rivered'
Eddy Sabat is up to 24,500 after a three way pot with Balazs Botond and another player. The flop was out as 7♠4♥3♣ and Sabat led for 3,200 and was called by Botond after the other player folded. The turn came as 9♠ and both players checked, as they did on the T♠ river. Sabat said to Botond "You got rivered" and tabled A♠T♦. It seemed as if he was right by the expression on Botond's face as he mucked. -- MC

7.35pm: Rousso still in it - just
Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso doubled up to 10,050 by the skin of her teeth. Rory Brennan had raised for the second hand in a row to 1,400 and it was folded around to Rousso in the small blind. She shoved for her last 4,500. Call:

Rousso: Q♣9♣
Brennan: A♠7♠

"That's the best hand I've had, like, for ages," claimed Rousso. Well, even though it was hardly premium, it worked. The board ran 6♦J♣J♠Q♠3♥ and that was good for the double up. -- SY

ept deauville_day 1b_vanessa rousso.jpg

Vanessa Rousso: short stacked but hasn't given up the fight

7.30pm: These aren't the droids you're looking for
I have to admit, I've been looking for the Viktor Blom magic. I've heard the name Isildur1 for months and then he arrives, all clean looking and innocent. He even plays as though he's never played live poker before, fumbling chips, stacking them in odd ways and announcing his intentions with a childlike voice. But I haven't seen him humiliate/hurt/heal anyone yet. But the magic might now be starting to show.

As suggested earlier, Blom's greatest strength might be the fear he imposes on those he plays. Like a Jedi mind trick, he convinces his opponent that their only option is to fold, normally when they're knee deep in a hand.

Jean Noel Thorel might just have experienced this. He opened for 2,025 from under the gun and winced slightly when Blom called int eh seat next to him. So he checked blind before the 8♣T♣5♠ flop.

ept deauville_day 1b_viktor blom 2.jpg

Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom

Blom bet 3,200. Thorel then tried something. He went to his chips and threw out a raise to 12,000. Blom immediately said he was all-in, simultaneously making Thorel doubt the soundness of his play and jolt back in his head, clutching his right temple. Showing signs of losing it he reached over to dismantle Blom's chips stack which was now across the line. The dealer snapped at him and he went back to keeping his hands to himself. There followed a long pause before he folded.

He still has 84,000. More significantly, Blom was back up to 35,000, a number that would be 50,000 after the next hand. - SB

7.25pm: Bonavena slaps the media down
Salvatore Bonavena is usually all smiles for the press. Good man. Not this time though. Dutch blogger and radio host (if I'm correct) Frank Op de Woerd opened from under-the-gun to 1,525 and was called by Bonavena from the button. The scribbler fired a 1,400 c-bet into the A♦K♠3♥ flop and was called. The Italian Team PokerStars Pro took the lead on the 5♠ turn with a 2,625 bet and Op de Woerd passed. -- RD

ept deauville_day 1b_frank op de woerd.jpg

Frank Op de Woerd tossing them in

7.10pm; The eliminated
Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth and Jeff Madsen were both eliminated in the last level and Tweeted the fact.

Ainsworth simply said, "Busted" while Madsen said "Ran retarded today .. Gg. So frustrating". -- MC

7pm: The last quarter
Play was scheduled for eight one-hour levels and we're just about to start the final two with the blinds cranking up to 300-600, ante 50. Some players will start to drag their feet wanting to make Day 2 of their first major tournament, others will continue to play high tempo poker and try to finish on the right side of the ensuing swings come the end of play. Daniel Negreanu, who had fallen asleep during the break, is back upright in his seat. -- RD

ept deauville_day 1b_daniel negreanu.jpg

Kid Poker is still in the running

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