EPT Deauville: Day 2, level 11, 12 & 13 updates (blinds 1,200-2,400, 200 ante)

ept-thumb-promo.jpg7.40pm: That's a wrap
Well it's not, we'll have a full wrap of today with you just as soon as Sergeant Major Bartley has finished writing it. Play has finished, however, and it seems certain that Swedish PokerStars qualifier David Sonelin will be our overnight chip leader with 438,900.

Full overnight chip counts will be with you as soon as they are made available to us, while that wrap will be here once we've kicked merry hell out of Bartley to get him to hurry up. -- SY

7.15pm: Last six hands
Thomas Kremser stopped the clock with 12 minutes remaining of the level and called all dealers to play six more hands before play concludes. -- MC

7.15pm: Optimistic five-bet shove fails
I just witnessed Pierre Calamusa's head exploding and it wasn't pretty. Hernandez Mateos opened from the cut-off for 7,500 and Calamusa three-bet to 20,000 from the button. So far, so standard. Mateos then four-bet to 40,000, which was approaching half of his stack. It's not often that Mateos is folding here, right? Correct, but it didn't stop Calamusa moving in. Call.

Calamusa: 5♠7♣
Mateos: T♠T♥

Mateos' hand held up and he's up to 200,000. -- RD

7.10pm: Hellooooo Kiribati
What excitement! It's that time of day when we salute a lonesome but loyal PokerStars Blog reader from a place so remote you didn't know it existed.

Step forward our stalwart from the Republic of Kiribati, a little island in the middle of the Pacific which counts Samoa as a neighbour.

Kiribati is comprised of 32 atolls and one raised coral island, and until 1979 was controlled by the British. Quite why we let such a lovely place have its own independence I'll never know.

Regardless, we salute the former subject of the Great British Empire who is enjoying our work on the PokerStars Blog! -- SY

7.05pm: Stop, thief!
You know the saying that anyone with large amounts of small denomination chips has probably been 'at it', pinching the blinds and antes on a very regular basis. Well, Benjamin Carpenter looks like he is the thief of the day. He is sitting behind seven large towers of blue 100 chips, with an eighth tower beginning to take shape.

He's got around 85,000 in normal chips and 16,000 in blue. Or 101,000 in total if that's your thing. -- SY

6.58pm: Pastor thankful for the pass
Jonas Ferrut open shoved with 8♥9♥ and Juan Manuel Pastor moved all-on over the top from the button. Patrice Boudet woke up with a genuine hand in the big blind with pocket jacks but opted to fold them face-up.

Pastor opened up A♠K♣ and Boudet acted as if he had made a wise fold. He sat nodding his head until the 5♣5♥J♦ flop was dealt. "Aaiiieee," Boudet cried, taking to his feet and performing a pained pirouette. Pastor caught top pair on the river to knock Ferrut out and stack him up to 150,000.

"No cojones, no chips," said Pastor to Alex Wice regarding Boudet's tight fold. -- RD

6.50pm: The twins can't be separated
Team PokerStars Pros Christophe and Mattias de Meulder are twins and identical ones at that. The former wears glasses and thank God he does as everything else about them is always the same making our job that little more difficult. Take the end of Day 1A for instance: they finished just 600 chips apart. Christophe's table was just broken and he was moved to the table right behind his brother's so that their backs were almost touching. What about their stack sizes now? Well, they're both in trouble with around 35,000 chips. Matthias had a few thousand less just minutes ago but an all-in shove soon evened up those stacks again. -- MC

ept deauville_day 2_matthias de meulder.jpg

Even up close Stephen Bartley (background, white shirt) can't tell which one he is

6.41pm: A quiet force emerges
PokerStars qualifier David Sonelin is a very quiet unassuming fellow, like a lot of Swedes are. This is probably why he's gone unnoticed for a lot of today but he's quietly amassed a stack in the region of 360,000. He has enough that he doesn't need to get involved in marginal spots. He just raised to 6,500 from early position and was called in one spot before a third player three-bet to 18,000 out of a 50,000 stack. Sonelin thought about it but decided to let it go. -- MC

6.34pm: No cash for Bendik
Jan Bendik made the final table in Prague but he'll be having no such glory here having just busted with jack-queen to Mikael Oestreicher's ace-jack. -- RD

6.30pm: ElkY menacing
Kevin Keosomphet opened with a raise to 5,100 for the second hand in a row, only for Team PokerStars Pro ElkY to re-raise to 14,500. It was folded back around to Keosomphet who made the call. To the J♥5♥2♦ flop, and ElkY made a continuation bet of 17,200. Again he got a call. But on the 2♣ turn, ElkY bet 33,300 and this time Keosomphet put it down.

ElkY is not a man people want to see with chips. -- SY

6.28pm: Movers and shakers
Table breaks are happening quite frequently now and it's last night's chip leader Guillame de la Gorce and Leo Marget's that has split more recently. Margets is trundling along on just 40,000 while de la Gorce is still healthily above average on 170,000.

Thomas Bichon is also moving about talking quickly on his phone in French. The Team PokerStars Pro is on 73,000, while ElkY is now up to almost 200,000. -- RD

6.25pm: Big stacks flopping sets for fun
Anthony Hnatow is up to 385,000 chips for the chip lead after an aggressive hand played out. Jacky Guyon started things off with a raise that former chip leader, Matthew Franklin, treated with a three-bet to 17,500 from the button. Then it was time for Hnatow to enter frame with a four-bet to 35,400 from the small blind. Guyon called meaning, committing half of his stack. Franklin stared at Guyon's stack and folded to leave it heads-up to a 9♥A♥K♥ flop. Hnatow thought for about 20 seconds before announcing he was all-in and that was enough to get Guyon to fold and it was a good job he folded to as Guyon opened pocket king for middle set. -- MC

6.15pm: Soulier heads heavily stacked table
Fabrice Soulier is out at the front of the field with 350,000 at the moment but with Matthew Frankland (250,000) and Anthony Hnatow (320,000) a few seats either side of him anyone could finish with a monster stack. -- RD

ept deuaville_day 2_fabrice soulier 2.jpg

Fabrice Soulier is leading the charge into the final level of Day 2

6.10pm: Play restarts

5.55pm: Break
It's the final 15-minute break of the day and with 261 players left the average stack is just over 100,000. One final 75-minute level left to play. -- RD

5.54pm: Mercy me, it's Isabelle
Isabelle Mercier, a player we are always pleased to see, is up to more than 100,000, comfortably about average at this stage of the tournament. With chips, she's able to play her familiarly aggressive game. On one hand she raised and took the blinds and antes; on the next she won a pot off William Pastout.

Pastout made it 4,500 and it was folded around to Mercier in the big blind. She tossed out a call. The flop was 2♠[10h]J♦ and Mercier fired out 6,500. Pastout had seen enough and got out of the way. -- SY

5.50pm: Wagner on song
More all-ins, this time from Marc Delimac in the small blind who shoved for 34,000. In response Tobias Wagner moved all-in behind for 140,000, making for a heads-up showdown, his J♦J♠ against Delimac's J♣6♥.

The dealer, Maud, one of the few Maud's on the poker circuit, dealt the board T♦9♣K♥8♣4♣. Delimac was out. Wagner up to 180,000. - SB

5.48pm: Get your coat, son
Joep van den Bijgaart is out after losing a race to Thomas Finneran. Van Den Bijgaart opened the pot to 4,200 from the cut-off and was three bet to 14,500 by the small blind before Finneran four-bet to 35,000 from the big blind. The Dutch Team PokerStars Pro quickly moved all-in for just under 50,000 and was called by the Irishman after the small blind folded.

Van Den Bijgaart: Q♣Q♠
Finneran: A♥K♥

The board ran 2♦7♠9♥A♠5♠. Van Den Bijgaarts eyes dropped when he saw the turn and he left so quickly after the river that he had to be called back to get his coat that he'd left. Finneran is up to 240,000 chips now. -- MC

ept deauville_day 2_joep van den bijgaart.jpg

The face of someone losing a flip after dodging the flop

5.38pm: Hong shoves the river
Cathy Hong is up to 80,000 after check-calling two streets of aggression from Christophe Sorel* on a 2♣T♦7♠2♥ board before shoving 35,000 into the K♥ river. Sorel did not call. -- RD

*No relation to Mizzi, of course.

ept deauville_day 2_cathy hong.jpg

Cathy Hong

5.33pm: Eliminations
Karim Abdelmoumene is out, having moved in for 55,200 with A♣K♠ and getting a caller in David Sonelin with J♠J♦. The board ran 5♣T♣J♥7♥T♦ much to the irritation of Abdelmoumene.

Elsewhere the seat once occupied by Antoine Saout is empty while Ralf Bussman has joined him on the rail. He moved in for 37,000 with A♦7♠ only to be called by Gregory Lohmer with A♠Q♥. The board ran Q♣6♠8♠8♦J♥.

So long Bussman. - SB

5.28pm: Back to the online Grafton
"I can't be trusted to play multi streets," said Sam Grafton to me a while back, referring to the hand where he barrelled three streets with four-high. "I've got 40,000 now so I'll be alright if I double-up to 80,000," he continued. That didn't happen. We're not sure how he busted but he was seen ascending the stairs to the exit swearing to himself. This is the second EPT Grafton has played - the other being EPT London - and we have no doubt he'll be back for more.-- MC

5.22pm: Amazing scenes
We're quite used to some poker players getting a little over excited, but Michael Fratty took things to a new level with an astonishing rant. After a hand was played out he stood up and shouted so loud at Julien Muel that I thought he was about to explode.

It turns out Fratty was not furious - but instead rather happy as he had won the pot with two pair. His outburst (in French, obviously) seemed to be something like: "This is what happens when you play against me." Muel sat there a little surprised by the tirade but took it well enough.

The floor staff were less forgiving, however, giving Fratty a ticking off for his vocal disturbance that could probably be heard from across the English Channel. -- SY

5.18pm: Straight up to 160,000
The board was 4♠6♥5♠A♥ and Carl Hirschmann had moved all-in for 59,000. Brian Wintle then did the same, for about 96,000, forcing a third player out of the pot. Hirschmann had 2♦3♦ for the flopped straight and that was nicely ahead of Wintle's A♠K♠.

Doubling through Wintle, Hirschmann also picked up the loot already in the pot to move up to around 160,000. -- SY

5.14pm: Nice in the end for Wice
Alex Wice is back over 100,000 chips after topsy-turvy hand. He opened to 4,000 from early position and picked up four callers to go to a 9♣4♥K♦ flop. Wice c-bet for 7,000 and all folded except Pavel Ion in the big blind who raised to 16,000. Wice quickly moved all-in for 42,300 and was called by Ion after a minute's thought.

Wice was in good shape with A♠K♣ to his opponent's K♥2♠ but fell behind when the turn came 2♦ to make Ion two pair. The table showed there shock and equal amounts of delight when justice was restored on the 9♥ river for a re-suck out. -- MC

5.05pm: Brammer ships it in
Chris Brammer just moved all-in for around 45,000 from the small blind over a late position raise from Sargsyan Aram of 4,700. Aram passed and Brammer is back up to circa 55,000.

Kristoffer Thorsson is sat two seats to Brammer's right and is up to 130,000. The previous hand he min-raised Brammer from the button forcing a fold. -- RD

4.55pm: Dubert done
Michel Dubert is out, sent packing when his A♣K♣ was destroyed by Lucien Cohen's K♦Q♦ on a board of [q][a][7][j][q]. Cohen still short though on less than 50,000. - SB

4.50pm: Hopes dashed for Milvydas
Fabrice Soulier has moved up to more than 350,000 after eliminating Vytautas Milvydas. Soulier had called Milvydas's all-in, Soulier turning over A♣K♣ to Milvydas's A♣Q♣. The board offered nothing but blanks and Milvydas was gone. - SB

4.45pm: Overnight chip leader
Guillame de la Gorce started the day as chip leader with 196,800 and his stack doesn't seem to have moved since. He just beat Marc Delimal out of a small pot but that only took him back up to 200,000.

Leo Margets, who is at the same table, is another player who hasn't moved much. She started the day with 68,4000 and has scored a small uptick to 79,000. -- RD

ept deauville_day 2_leo margets.jpg

Saint Leo Margets (okay, it's a fake halo)

4.39pm: Back from break
Play has restarted. -- RD

4.25pm: Break
Blinds are going up to 1,000-2,000 with a 200 ante. -- RD

4.22pm: Grafton caught three-barrel bluffing
Sam Grafton fired three barrels into Georgios Kapalas but just couldn't push the Greek off his pocket deuces. Grafton had opened from the cut-off for 3,500 and Kapalas had made the call from the button.

Kaplas call #1
The Londoner had bet 3,100 into the 7♠7♣7♥ flop. Call.

Kapalas call #2
The T♦ turn didn't slow Grafton down and he fired 5,800 into it. Call.

Kapalas call #3
Grafton took a large chunk of change, 16,500 to be precise, and levelled it at his neighbour on the 6♥ river. Call.

Grafton immediately opened 3♦4♥ for complete air. Kaplas turned over 2♣2♦ for the weakest full house possible and raked in the 59,000 pot. Grafton may have lost the pot but his table image is something else right now. He's got around 54,000 left and is liable to get called down super light from now on. Bust or 150,000 by the end of next level. -- RD

ept deauville_day 2_sam grafton.jpg

Sam Grafton with his 'caught at it' face

4.20pm: Gohr gone in hand against Grospellier
Bertrand "Isildur1" "ElkY" Grospellier is up to more than 160,000 after eliminating German player Sebastian Gohr.

Gohr was a surprised as anyone having opened the pot for 3,500 under-the-gun. Grospellier was two seats along and raised to 8,700 before the action as folded back to Gohr who after a few minutes announced "all-in."

Grospellier removed his headphones to confirm and then lumped his own chips in to call. There was only a narrow margin between them, 79,300 being Gohr's all-in and Grospellier's call amounting to 86,400. It was the Frenchman in better shape, turning over K♠K♣ to Gohr's Q♣Q♥.

The board ran 2♠T♠A♣2♥6♠

The count was confirmed, which Gohr politely accepted, shaking Grospellier's hand before departing. - SB

ept deauville_day 2_bertrand grospellier.jpg

ElkY in action

4.15pm: Soulier threatening
Fabrice Soulier, the French player with winnings of more than $2.5 million to his name, is up to a decent stack of 240,000. We picked up the action on a board of J♦4♣7♣6♣ and with 35,000 in the pot. Soulier had checked, with Vytautas Milvydas checking behind (but only after a five-minute wait when he did not realise it was his turn to act).

The river was 7♦ and now Soulier bet 32,000. Milvydas called and mucked as soon as Soulier turned over 6♥6♠ for the full house. -- SY

ept deauville_day 2_fabrice soulier.jpg

Fabrice Soulier rightfully looking happy with himself

4.05pm: Brammer leaves a big chunk in the middle
PokerStars qualifier Chris Brammer is down to 35,000 chips after leaving 23,000 in the middle and folding. The hand started with WSOP-E runner-up Fabrizio Baldassari raising to 3,500 from under the gun. There was a flat call before Aram Sargsyan three-bet to 10,000 from the hijack. Brammer was in the small blind and thought for a good while before four-betting to 23,000. The action was back on Baldassari and he quickly moved all-in which prompted folds from the other two players to leave the decision back with Brammer.

He didn't snap call and Sargsyan gestured something relating to this and Brammer picked up on this and said: "Well obviously I was getting it in against you!"

"Do you have anything other than one hand?" Brammer directed at Baldassari now.

"I have the best hand," responded the Italian. "You're possibly a bit light," he continued.

Brammer decided to fold and said: "I should've just jammed and hoped to get lucky."

Balassari is up to 130,000 chips now. -- MC

3.55pm: You know you make me Antoine Saout
Antoine Saout is up to 139,000 after eliminating Julien Burnay. Burnay moved all-in with K♣Q♦ for around 20,000 and was called by Saout who turned over T♥T♦. The board ran 4♥2♣5♣A♥T♣ to end Burnay's tournament and get Saout heading back in the right direction. - SB

ept deauville_day 2_antoine saout.jpg

Antoine Saout giving little away

3.45pm: Bansi doubles
Praz Bansi is up to 140,000 after doubling in a hand that he claims he was lucky in. He raised from under-the-gun and got four callers to a [a][8][5] flop, which contained two hearts. The small blind led for 16,000 and Bansi was the only caller. The turn brought another five and both players checked to the jack river. The small blind checked again and called when Bansi shoved. Bansi tabled ace-jack and took the pot as his opponent mucked. -- MC

3.42pm: Nacho toast
Team PokerStars Pro Nacho Barbero is out thanks to his pocket tens running into, and failing to overtake, pocket queens. -- SY

ept deauville_day 2_jose barbero.jpg

Nacho Barbero couldn't catch his two outer

3.38pm: Mitchell falls as Franklin soars
A battle of Britain has seen Irish Open champion James Mitchell bust to Matthew Franklin, who is now clear at the top with 410,000 chips. Franklin explained the he three-bet a Mitchell raise who called to go to an [8][7][4] flop with two spades. Mitchell check-called a 12,000 bet there and a 27,000 bet on the Q♦ turn. The river came 3♥ and Mitchell check-called all-in but mucked when Franklin showed him pocket aces. -- MC

ept deauville_day 2_matthew frankland.jpg

Matthew Frankland busted Daniel Negreanu yesterday

3.23pm: Lacay on the up
Ludovic Lacay is up to 160,000 and would have been on even more if he hadn't lost the last hand. The Frenchman opened for 4,000 from the hijack and was called by both blinds. A 6,400 c-bet into the paired J♣6♣J♦ flop was quickly check-raised by David Morante to 15,500. Lacay passed.

"Show me the bluff," asked Lacay with a smile. "Show me something," he added as his opponent continued to push his hand towards the dealer. Morante didn't stop and the cards ended up, still face-down, in the muck. No free info. -- RD

ept deauvilla_day 2_ludovic lacay.jpg

Ludovic Lacay has spun up from his 40,100 starting stack

3.35pm: One unhappy Frenchman
Praz Bansi won't be on David Lascar's Christmas card list, and if I understood French swear words my ears would be bleeding.

It started innocently enough with an opening raise from Bansi to 4,200 which was called by Sergey Kislinskiy, Julien Muel, Lascar in the small blind and Jacques Zaicik in the big blind. The flop came 8♠A♥5♦ and Lascar, first to act, made it 16,000. It was folded to Bansi, the only caller. Both checked the 5♠ turn, and on the J♦ river Lascar checked again. Bansi, after a moment's quiet reflection, moved all-in for another 48,000.

The bet covered Lascar who gave it a few minutes thought before he started talking in French to the gentleman on Bansi's left. "What are they talking about?" Bansi asked the dealer. "You should have some control - they can't talk in the hand."

The dealer shut them up, and then a moment or two later Lascar announced call. He had A♦Q♣ but had been rivered by Bansi's A♣J♣.

With that, Lascar let out a tirade that may, or may not, have included several expletives. Bansi now up to close to 100,000. -- SY

3.32pm: Midway with ElkY

3.30pm: De Meulder dances the Polke
Christophe de Meulder was still at his table five minutes into the last break. So was Milan Polke and the two of them were locked into a hand that had been dealt up to the turn, with Q♠7♣6♦4♥ on the board.

Polke bet 7,000 which De Meulder called for a K♥ river card. Polke bet 12,000 and De Meulder raised to 27,500, sending Polke once more into the tank. He came out to pass.

"I hate you," he said, grinning at De Meulder. "Did you flop a set or ace-king?"

"You don't want to see it," replied the Team PokerStars Pro before turning over pocket eights.

"I can't beat it," said Polke, relieved. - SB

ept deauville_day 2_christophe de meulder.jpg

Christophe de Meulder

3.20pm: Bruel battered
Like others today, Patrick Bruel has plummeted through the chip list today. Having started with 153,100 and no shortage of momentum, the French star lost the bulk of his stack in, what Kevin Noblet of the French media reported, was an ace-king against king-queen situation with a king-high board.

Then Bruel slunk even further to 30,000 which he managed to double-up with, ace-king against pocket kings, when he caught an ace on the river.

Minutes before the break he still had about 50,000 of that and his spirit remains intact and the banter at the table is brilliant, I think, I just don't understand it.

Ilan Boubli opened for 3,900 in early position and Bruel called two seats along for a flop of 8♣3♥3♠. Boubli bet another 6,000 which Bruel raised to 15,000. Boubli's reply was to re-raise, to 105,000, a big tower of grey chips casting a shadow across the table. Bruel was irritated and resigned, not expecting this to happen, but accepting it none the less, holding his cards up and flicking them.

"Pass," he said and asked to see Boubli's cards. Boubli turned over pocket tens which judging from Bruel's face was the winning hand. Bruel down to 34,000 while Boubli moves up to 127,000. - SB

3.10pm: Back into the action
The remaining 351 players are back in their seats. That's according to the giant display hanging in the middle of the room (pictured below). -- RD

ept deauville_day 2_tournament floor 2.jpg

The tournament floor of the EPT Deauville main event

PokerStars Blog reporting team (in order of favourite table game): Marc Convey (Craps), Stephen Bartley (Give Brad Money - his name for craps), Simon Young (Pai Gow) and Rick Dacey (Roulette)

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