EPT Deauville: Final table, level 29 & 30 updates (blinds 60,000-120,000, 15,000 ante)


6.50pm: Glorious summary on its way
Stephen Bartley is literally covered in blood, sweat and tears* due to his frantic finishing off of the Season 7 EPT Deauville wrap. That will be with you shortly. In the meantime you can check out the payout and prizes page to see who finished where and how much for. -- RD

* He is not literally covered in blood, sweat or tears. That would be odd, and I wouldn't still be sat next to him typing this. Well, there are a few tears now I come to think of it.

6.44pm: Lucien Cohen wins EPT Deauville for €880,000
PokerStars qualifier Martin Jacobson was down to around 1,500,000 when he open shoved from the button with 6♥7♥. The 6♦ had been exposed as the cards were dealt but that didn't deter Jacobsen who was relying on fold equity more than showdown value. The Swede wasn't expecting to be called but seeing as his opponent, Lucien Cohen, picked up A♠K♦ it was a very quick call.

The last and defining board ran out T♠9♣3♠3♥J♥ to knock out Jacobson. Cohen erupted as we suspected he would. Jacobson looked understandably gutted but took the defeat with grace, shaking Cohen's hand before walking away at a canter. Cohen ran to continue his celebration with his supporters (and rubber rat) on the rail. -- MC

ept deauville_final table_lucien deauville.jpg

Lucien Cohen, winner of EPT Deauville

6.42pm: Martin Jacobson out in second place (€560,000)
The screams and cheers that have just reached me tell the tale that Martin Jacobson has been knocked out. That also means that we have a homegrown hero in Lucien Cohen. Details to come. -- RD

6.40pm: Slow death
Unless he can pull something out of the bag sharpish, Martin Jacobson is going to be in shove-fold territory. He's down to just under two million - around 15 big blinds - leaving Lucien Cohen with more than 24 million.

As if to emphasise his perilous state, Jacobson has now began to open-limp from button rather than raise. -- SY

6.35pm: Always the bridesmaid?
Will this be another nearly moment for Martin Jacobson? He finished as runner-up to Toby Lewis at EPT Vilamoura in 2010 and third place to Will Fry at EPT Budapest a few seasons back.

His chances of taking the title here in Deauville aren't looking too good at the moment. He's got a five to one chip deficit against Lucien Cohen, which will require a huge comeback. Is he capable of it? Certainly, but he'll need to start winning some big pots soon. -- RD

6.30pm: Cohen tries new tactic
A lot of the recent pots have been small ones with pre-flop limps and checks through the streets. On two occasions Cohen has put in big over bets to claim the pot.

In one pot the action had been checked to the river with 240,000 in the pot and Cohen bet 1,000,000 to force a fold from Jacobson. Two hands later he bet 500,000 into a 240,000 pot on a jack high flop to take it down. Value bets or bluffs? -- MC

6.25pm: Cohen collects more
Jacobson is down to around 4 million after this one, leaving Lucien Cohen with a massive 22.5 million chip stack.

The Swede had made it 260,000, his usual pre-flop raise, and Cohen had called to see a 9♦[10c]3♣ flop. Both checked, but on the 5♠ turn Cohen made it 600,000, called by Jacobson. The river was 5♥ and again Jacobson called a 600,000 bet. Cohen turned over A♠9♣ and that was good. -- SY

ept deauville_final table_martin jacobson.jpg

Martin Jacobson is in need of a double up

6.18pm: Cohen given a warning
Lucien Cohen has been given a warning by the floor staff for leaving the table during the all-in from Martin Jacobson. While the Swede's stack was being counted down Cohen had left the table to mutter a few words to a supporter on the rail. He had returned to the table to fold his hand. He apologised for doing so and play continued as normal - with added warning. -- MC

6.10pm: Jacobson all-in!
For the first time in heads-up play, Martin Jacobson put his tournament on the line. Lucien Cohen had raised to 260,000 and Jacobson called to see a 4♣[10s]2♥ flop. Jacobson checked and Cohen reached for one million chips, plonking them over the line.
Jacobson thought for a minute, stock still, then announced calmly he was all-in. Cohen asked for a count, but as it became clear it was near four million to call, he folded. -- SY

6.05pm: Cohen the aggressor
Lucien Cohen has spent a lot of today playing on the passive side, but since the action turned heads up he's been showing signs of increased aggression levels.

In one hand he three-bet a 260,000 raise from Martin Jacobson to 720,000, which forced a fold from the Swede. Just two hands later he called a 260,000 button raise from Jacobson to see a 2♥4♦K♣ flopm which he check-raised the 250,000 c-bet bet up to 650,000. It was enough to take the pot down. -- MC

ept deauville_final table_lucien cohen.jpg

Lucien Cohen is building a large chip lead

5.55pm: Cohen wins big
Lucien Cohen took a meaty pot off Martin Jacobson in the first hand of heads-up play. He had limped in pre-flop and Jacobson checked in the big blind. The flop was Q♣[10d]2♠ and Jacobson check-called Cohen's 400,000. On the 4♠ turn Jacobson check-called 1.4million, and finally on the 2♥ river he check-called a chunky two million.

Cohen slapped down K♦K♠ on the table and the over pair was good for the pot. That moves Cohen up to more than 20 million while Jacobson slips to 6.5 million. It's going to be a long climb for Jacobson. -- SY

5.45pm: Alex Wice eliminated in third place (€330,000)
PokerStars qualifier Alex Wice thought his luck was bad when he got a walk in the big blind with pocket aces but a lot worse was to come the very next hand. He raised from the small blind and found himself facing a re-raise from Lucien Cohen in the big blind. Then in a flash of action both players were all-in. We're not quite sure if Wice called or shoved first but the result was the same; showdown.

Wice: A♦Q♦
Cohen: Q♣Q♠

The board ran 7♠4♦2♠7♣4♠ to give the huge pot to the Frenchman. We were slightly worried about the structural integrity of the room due to the volume of the partisan roars coming from Cohen's supporters. -- MC

ept deauville_final table_alex wice.jpg

Alex Wice, out in third for €330,000

ept deauville_final table _lucien cohen 2.jpg

Lucien Cohen celebrates knocking out Alex Wice

5.40pm: News in brief

1) Martin Jacobson picks up a pot after firing two streets into Alex Wice.

2) Cohen's playing snug. It may be harsh to say but he seems to be a little outclassed by Jacobson and Alex Wice. He looks like he's going to fold to the heads up or try to find a set-up. It's not as disparaging as it sounds; Wice and Jacobson have been playing some excellent poker.

3) There have been a few little battles between Wice and Jacobson with the latter coming out ahead. No major hands yet. -- RD

5.30pm: Play resumes
Cards are in the air with blinds at 60,000-120,000 with a 15,000 ante. -- SB

5.15pm: Chips at the break
Martin Jacobson, Sweden, PokerStars qualifier, 9,150,000
Alex Wice, Canada, PokerStars qualifier, 8,940,000
Lucien Cohen, France, 8,635,000

5.10pm: Break time
That's the end of the level. Players are now on a 15 minute break. -- SB

5.08pm: Cohen clipped by Jacobson
Martin Jacobson opened to 210,000 from the button and Lucien Cohen defended his big blind. Jacobson fired a delayed c-bet of 250,000 into the 9♥4♥Q♥J♠ turn and Cohen called. The 1.03 million bet on the river was too much for Cohen to call. -- RD

5.07pm: Cohen celebrates
More arm waiving and celebrating from Lucien Cohen. He had opened with a 300,000 bet from the button, called only by Martin Jacobson in the small blind. The flop was 8♥3♣4♦ and both checked to see a 8♣ turn. Jacobson took a stab with a bet of 400,000, called by Cohen. Both then slowed again to check the 6♣ river.

Jacobson: A♣7♣

Cohen had the Swede's kicker out-pipped, and waived his arms in the air as he collected the pot. Both Jacobson and Wice have earphones clasped tight over their ears and are doing their best to ignore the Frenchman's antics. - SY

5.04pm: Wice folds two pair
Alex Wice opened the pot to 200,000 from the button and called when Lucien Cohen three-bet to 450,000 from the small blind. The flop came 3♠K♣5♦ and Cohen led for 400,000. Call. The turn came 6♠ and Cohen fired 500,000 this time. Call. On the 4♠ river Cohen was slow to a check before moving all-in when Wice bet 1,400,000.
Wice folded saying, "I have two pair."

Cohen celebrated by standing up and waving his rubber rat around his head. --MC

4.58pm: Jacobson takes one from Wice
Jacobson opened to 250,000 from the small blind and Alex Wice made the call from the big. Jacobson c-bet 250,000 into a big A♥Q♠Q♥ flop and Wice made the call. That didn't slow Jacobson down on the 9♣ turn. He led for 650,000 and Wice mucked his hand. -- RD

Alex Wice

4.52pm: Wice folds, Cohen dances
Alex Wice opened to 200,00 from the button and Lucien Cohen three-bet to 450,000 from the small blind. Wice made the call. The action checked to the 9♠K♦A♠4♣J♣ river where Wice folded to a 300,000 lead from Cohen. The Frenchman started dancing, like an embarrassing uncle at a wedding, by way of celebration. - RD

4.45pm: Keep off my lawn!
After Lucien Cohen folded his button, Martin Jacobson put in a teasing 220,000 from the small blind. Alex Wice, who is on turbo-time decision making, fired back with 650,000 instantly.

Jacobson realised this could be dodgy, and got out of the way. - SY

4.40pm: Julien Claudepierre eliminated in 3rd place (€260,000)
Julien Claudepierre is out third place after falling to Alex Wice. Wice raised to 200,000 from the button before Claudepierre three-bet all-in for 2,150,000 from the big blind. Wice asked for a count and then seemed to figure out the math by pretending to write on the table. He stopped writing and made the call.

Claudepierre: A♣5♣
Wice: Q♣J♣

Julien Claudepierre, out

The board ran 6♣8♥J♦4♦4♥ to make two pair for the Canadian. Wice up to over 10,000,000 million chips again. -- MC

4.35pm: Renga's impressive laddering comes to an end, out in fifth (€200,000)
Kaspars Renga has earned himself at least €100,000 more than anyone expected at the beginning of the day. Renga started the day very short, just 470,000, but managed to find aces twice, a rivered Broadway straight once and a royal flush another time. The Latvian's laddering ways have just come to an end though.

Kaspars Renga on his way out

The action folded to Martin Jacobson in the small blind and he set Renga's 800,000 stack all-in. Renga made a grudging call.

Jacobson: 8♠5♦
Renga: A♠7♥

Jacobson hit a pair on the Q♠3♣5♥ flop and Renga failed to catch up on the J♥ turn or 9♠ river. Down to four players. - RD

4.30pm: Wice keeps Claudepierre in check
Alex Wice made it 200,000 from the button and Julien Claudepierre called from the big blind. Both checked the 2♥A♦[10c] flop and also the 2♦ turn. But on the 6♣ river Claudepierre took a stab with a bet of 280,000, which Wice called.

The Frenchman showed J♠6♠ but Wice had the ace - A♥9♥ - and took the pot. -- SY

4.25pm: Wice into his min raising
Alex Wice min-raised to 200,000 from second position and Martin Jacobson defended from the big blind to see the 7♦4♦2♣ flop. The action went check-check to reveal the Q♠ turn. The Swede led for 250,000 and Wice folded quickly.

The next hand Wice min raised from under-the-gun and took the blinds and antes as all folded including the short stacked Kaspars Renga in the big blind. -- MC

4.23pm: Kenny Hallaert busted in sixth (€155,000)
Last hand, as covered by SY, had Kenny Hallaert tank-folding to Alex Wice's small blind shove. He's going to be thinking about that pass for some time.

Kenny Hallaert out in 6th place

The very next hand Wice opened for 200,000 from the button and Hallaert moved all-in for around 1.5 million. Lucien Cohen quickly folded but Wice did not. Snap call.

Wice: T♣T♦

Hallaert: 4♥4♣

Hallaert failed to outdraw Wice on the 8♥J♠K♥K♠T♠ board and leaves the tournament in a very credible sixth place. Wice now back over 8 million. -- RD

4.21pm: Wice asks a question of Hallaert
Alex Wice opened with a big raise to two million from the small blind. It was on Kenny Hallaert in the big blind, and he thought for a good minute or two before mucking. -- SY

4.19pm: Pressure on Renga
When it was folded around to Martin Jacobson in the small blind, he plopped in a pile of black 100,000 chips. Knowing Renga would need a premium hand to call, Jacobson watched as the Latvian mucked slowly. -- SY

4.17pm: Getting a walk
Martin Jacobson just enjoyed a walk in the big blind. He's enjoyed several of those in the past few days, perhaps testament to the regard the other players hold him in. -- SY

4.15pm: Jacobson takes a small one from Cohen
Martin Jacobson opened for 210,000 from the hijack and was called by Lucien Cohen in the big blind. The board was checked down to the T♥4♦Q♠9♣7♠ river which Jacobson bet for 300,000. Cohen passed.

Alex Wice took the next hand with a min raise to 200,000. -- RD

4.12pm: Wice retakes lead by folding
Alex Wice is back into the chip lead after Lucien Cohen gave around 1,200,000 to Martin Jacobson.

Cohen raised to 260,000 from early position and Jacobson was the only caller to a 2♠9♥5♦ flop. Cohen gave up the initiative by checking to face a 300,000 bet. Call. The turn came 4♠ and Cohen check-called a 750,000 bet. The river came A♠ and Cohen checked for a third time.

Jacobson had no intention of slowing down and fired 2,020,000 chips into the pot. Cohen decided that he might actually be behind by now and folded to drop to around 5.9 million whereas Jacobson continued his recovery and is up into second spot with 6.8 million. -- MC

4.10pm: A good time to re-steal?
It was folded around to Julien Claudepierre on the button and he made it 210,000. Martin Jacobson was in the small blind and re-raised to 550,000. Why was this a good time to re-steal (if indeed he was thieving)? Kaspars Renga, the tightest man at the table, was sitting patiently in the big blind. He folded, as did Claudepierre. -- SY

4.06pm: Jacobson's pair
Alex Wice, wearing the same purple woolly hat that he's had on all week, made it 200,000 and Martin Jacobson called from the big blind. The flop was 5♥Q♠6♣ and Jacobson check-called Wice's 230,000 bet. That slowed them both down to a check on the 2♠ turn and the 3♠ river.

Wice had A♦9♦, but Jacobson held 6♦7♦ and the pair sixes was good for the pot. --SY

4.03pm: Hallaert can't stand the heat
Kenny Hallaert completed the big blind when the action was folded around to him in the small blind. Lucien Cohen checked his option to go to the 6♣J♦K♥ flop. Hallaert led for 130,000 but folded when the Frenchman raised to 300,000. -- MC

3.59pm: Hallaert still smiling
Kenny Hallaert seems to be an affable type. Despite this final table not exactly going as he intended - he's sat on 2.2 million - he's still smiling. The action folded to Alex Wice in the small blind and he set Hallaert all-in, not for the first time. Hallaert passed and was flashed an ace by Wice.

"Always an ace," said Hallaert.

"What was that?" asked Wice, removing one ear of his headphones.

"You always have an ace," repeated Hallaert still smiling. He's got a good attitude, this Hallaert. -- RD

3.55pm: Chips at the start of level 29

Lucien Cohen, France, 7,105,000
Alex Wice, Canada, PokerStars qualifier, 6,997,000
Martin Jacobson, Sweden, PokerStars qualifier, 5,500,000
Julien Claudepierre, France, 3,478,000
Kenny Hallaert, Belgium, 2,214,000
Kaspars Renga, Latvia, 1,460,000

3.50pm: Play restarts
Players are back and about to resume play. Blinds in level 29 will be 50,000-100,000 with a 10,000 ante. So long green chips.

The final table in action

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Deauville (in order of no one really knows):Simon Young (12 kilograms), Stephen Bartley (about a foot and a half), Rick Dacey (three, sometimes two) and Marc Convey (hasn't seen one for years).