EPT London: Day 1A, level 5 & 6 updates (blinds 200-400, ante 50)


6.35pm: Break time
That's the end of the level. Players are now on the last break of the day. -- SB

6.30pm: More for Greenstein
Barry Greenstein opened for 1,025 in the hijack with the action folded to Phillippe Ktorza in the small blind who called for a flop of Q♠3♣K♥.

Ktorza checked, then called Greenstein's bet of 1,500. On the K♠ turn both checked for a Q♣ river. Ktorza lumped in 2,700 which Greenstein routinely called. Ktorza's face immediately showed defeat, turning over a J♥. Greenstein topped that, showing Q♦8♠.

6.20pm: Some good news for Lodden
Johnny Lodden just tweeted:

#EPTLondon #EPT Finally a double up! Raise to 1100 with 99, one call. Flop:567 I bet 1500, he 3500. Turn:10. Check.allin.call. He have 88. -- MC

6.12pm: Short stacks
We have two full levels to play after the upcoming break and can expect a large chunk of the remaining 230 players to fall. Among those at growing risk are Jon Spinks (11,000), Xuan Liu (12,000), Tobias Reinkemeier (15,200) and Ram Vaswani (20,000).

Dennis Phillips will not be one of those short stacks trying to strong-arm his way back into it, he lost a flip with pocket eights to ace-jack. -- RD

6.05pm: Doyle Brunson update
Doyle Brunson plays on, ordering some food and mixing it up with a table full of players at least half his age. He's up above his initial starting stack.

Elsewhere, Ville Wahlbeck, who sports a somewhat uncertain moustache today, continues to read Isaac Asimov novels on his iPad, as he did in Barcelona, raising the thought that he may only do so for show.

Regardless, he stopped reading for a second to play a hand against Stanislav Kolenc, betting 2,200 from middle position on a flop of T♠2♥A♥. Kolenc wanted to raise, putting 3,000 in the middle, which wasn't enough. Mistake rectified the action returned to Wahlbeck who could see more of a future in getting back to his reading. He passed, down to around 30,000. - SB

5.50pm: Pot to Barbero
Nacho Barbero, whose underpants are showing, opened for 1,000 under the gun. Rickie Vedhara, two seats along, raised to 2,350 and the action was folded back to the Team PokerStars Pro. Barbero then raised to 4,300, which Vedhara called, prompting Barbero to sit up properly.

The flop came A♣2♣K♣. Barbero, his hood pulled up to cover his neck, bet another 2,500. Taking the pot when Vedhara mucked, moving up to 35,000. - SB


5.42pm: A few counts
A few interesting stacks for you: Xuan Liu (12,300), Roberto Romanello (68,000), Barny Boatman (12,000), Jake Cody (42,000), Chris Moorman (26,000) and Arnaud Mattern (45,000). We're tracking some big names and burgeoning stacks on our chip counts page. -- RD

5.40pm: Ruthenberg pushing six figures
Sebastian Ruthenberg is going the way of Greenstein, using aces against kings to move up to 93,000. -- SB

5.35pm: Greenstein pushing six figures
Of the players at Barry Greenstein's table, seven of them are resting their heads on their hands. Make that six as one of them was just eliminated by the Team PokerStars Pro, who even after his stack was boosted up to around 90,000 still looks like he's being forced to sit in on a town planning meeting.

The hand started straightforwardly enough with several pre-flop raises prompting Elliot Nicholls to move all-in for 9,775. Menny Benhaim, called for a flop of J♠T♠A♦. Greenstein checked as Nicholls, who has "Ancora Imparo" tattoed on his left forearm "Yet I am learning" looked on.

At this point Benhaim said "I'm all in." Greenstein also moved in, covered by Benhaim.
"I'm f*****," said Nicholls, continuing today's theme of vulgarity.

He was right though, and Benhaim was f***** too.

Greenstein A♠A♥
Nicholls Q♥Q♦
Benhaim J♥J♦

This caused all manner of consternation as the players previously asleep had cause to pay attention.

The turn 8♥ and river T♦ changed nothing. For Nicholls it was the end of the road, while Benhaim was reduced to around 3,000. The big pile of chips was shovelled towards Greenstein. - SB

ept london_day 1a_barry greenstein.jpg

Team PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein

5.25pm: Kelly finds the thin value
JP Kelly is up to around 43,000 after getting three streets of value versus Tyler Kenney.

The Team PokerStars Pro raised to 750 from the hijack and Kenney was the only caller from the button on the way to a K♠K♥8♥ flop. Kelly continued for 900 and was called, as he was for 1,500 on the 4♦ turn. The river fell 4♦ and the Brit wasted little time in measuring his third barrel, for 3,300. Kenney took his time, called, and then mucked when seeing his opponent's 8♠9♠ for two-pair. That put Kenney back to his starting stack. --MC

5.15pm: Score draw
Recent WSOP bracelet winner Nick Binger and local lad Charles Clark did battle over the course of two hands and the score ended one-all.

The first hand started with a raise to 750 from Sebastian Ruthenberg and a re-raise to 2,025 from Binger in the hijack. Clark was on the button and casually four-bet to 4,675. The German Team PokerStars Pro folded in a flash but Binger gave the stare-down for a minute before releasing his hand.

Two hands later Binger opened to 700 from mid position and Clark elected to flat call this time from the hijack. The two checked it down to the river where the board read 6♦2♦K♣Q♣8♦. Binger fired out 1,500 and Clark threw in the calling chips but nodded and mucked when he was shown 8♠8♥ by Binger.

Binger: 53,000
Clark: 38,000
Ruthenberg: 45,000 -- MC

5.05pm: Grafton going for it
Sam Grafton is up to 75,000 and looking very comfortable at his table, despite having Joseph Cheong two seats to his left. The International regular just won a small pot against Anton Ionel after betting a small 1,050 into the river of a 3♠J♦9♠K♣Q♥ board. There was around 6,000 in the pot already but Ionel insta-mucked having bet the flop for 1,750. The Romanian, who finished third at the PCA in January, is down to 12,000. -- RD

ept london_day 1a_sam grafton.jpg

Sam 'TheSquid' Grafton

4.50pm: Great Scot
Barry Greenstein is up to 37,000 pushing around former EPT London winner David Vamplew a little bit. Greenstein raised from the small blind after Vamplew opened, making it 2,150. Vamplew then re-raised, making it 4,800, prompting Greenstein to ask the Scot how much he had left. The answer in turn prompted Greenstein the fling in 20,000, forcing Vamplew to fold.

4.35pm: Play resumes
We're halfway through the day already on this sunny Friday afternoon on London's Edgware Rd. We are lucky to see the sunshine from the press room but the players are in a windowless conference room on the third floor on the Hilton Metropole Hotel.

It's a new level so blinds are up to 150/300 with a running ante of 25. -- MC


Parliament and the river Thames bathed in sunshine

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