EPT London mega satellite promises 20 packages this weekend

ept-thumb-promo.jpgI have no prediction on how much first place for EPT London will be worth. I could form some sort of estimate, but just as sure as I do, I'll be wildly off and somebody will get mad. Or, I'll hit it exactly and have to start doing the rounds on the chat shows as a psychic. I don't have that kind of time. So, suffice it to say this: last year, David Vamplew, at age 23, won £900,000. Wanna play? Right on.

We're just eight days out from the start of EPT London, and this weekend PokerStars is hosting a whomping 20-seat-guaranteed satellite to the UK's biggest event. The main event buy-in is £5,250, but if you're one of the top finishers in this weekend's mega satellite, you could win a full package for just £525.

This Sunday at 14:25 ET, PokerStars will host a EPT London mega satellite that guarantees at least 20 packages to the event. Win one of those and you're on your way to London and potential riches like the young Mr. Vamplew below.


It's pretty much that simple. Of course, there is the matter of you actually playing on Sunday and not being a complete donkey. We'll just assume you have that under control.

To register, click on EVENTS->EPT in the PokerStars lobby and look for the September 25 qualifier.

For more information on EPT London, visit EPT.com.

Now, go be a Vamplew. You know you wanna.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in European Poker Tour